The Best Ways To Farm Gil in Final Fantasy X

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Yuna’s humble pilgrimage starts in a small town with a small group.

Nobody really has that much gil on them, which is unfortunate, because Spira’s services require lots of it.

From new gear to must-have items for survival, all the way to bribing monsters for the rare stuff, being wealthy is truly one of the biggest keys to success in FFX.

So let’s talk about the best ways to go from a small-time guardian to an absolute Spiran magnate.


5. Pilfer Gil

Pilfer Gil with Rikku in FFX HD

Pilfer Gil is an ability that does exactly what it says: pilfers gil.

The amount stolen is hardly over a thousand. But in the first quarter of your journey, that money can be a substantial amount.

If you make it a point to pilfer whenever you can, you’ll plumpen your coffers to make life a whole lot easier.

Even a little bit adds up over time!


4. Sell, Sell, Sell

Shop Chocobo Space in FFX HD

You’ll notice that as you fight your way across Spira, your inventory will start filling up.

You can take advantage of this by making use of the many shops you come across, and aside from keeping really crucial items for customizing, you can feel free to sell everything you can.

Equipment with even a single additional ability sells for good money. And you’ll get plenty of that gear (which you won’t be using) from random chests and monsters.

Even the various gems and grenades you pick up will help you afford what you need. But for those items you’ll have to decide what’s more important: customization or gil.


3. Armor Customization for Profit

Empty Equipment for Customizing in FFX HD

Helping out O’aka XXIII as you encounter him during your travels will reward you in the end with a shop where you can buy four-slot blank armor pieces.

This gear is more valuable than it sounds.

You can take advantage of these by customizing them to make a hefty profit.

By using 80 healing springs, you can put Auto-Regen on armor and in turn, jack up the resale value to about 60,000 gil per shield.

And healing springs are easy to farm because the Monster Arena creation Kottos drops 40 every time you defeat him.

This is a later-game strategy, but definitely doable.


2. Mimics

Mimic treasure chest fiend in FFX HD

The ability Gillionaire doubles gil rewards from battle.

It comes standard on Rikku’s Celestial Weapon, Godhand, or can be customized with thirty Designer Wallet items.

With Gillionaire, you can head into the Omega Ruins and start your money-making game.

Mimics are enemies that appear as chests in battle, and only reveal their true forms when opened. Normally, defeating a mimic earns you 50,000 gil. But that turns into an easy 100K when Gillionaire is applied.

Mimic hunting can also be done while capturing monsters, making the activity even more worth your time.


1. One-Eye

One-Eye Fiend Battle in FFX HD

One-Eye is a unique creation in the monster arena, requiring four of each eye-type enemy to be captured.

And with only 150,000 HP, One-Eye is a fairly easy victory for most endgame parties.

After every defeat, this eyeball beast has a chance to drop one of many different types of equipment with abilities already on them – ranging from gear with Triple AP to Magic + 30%.

These pieces of gear all sell for a premium.

And with how quickly you can defeat One-Eye over and over, you’ll be a true gillionaire before you know it.

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