Where To Find Wedge in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Wedge can be found standing guard in Luca, at the top of the stairs behind the blitzball registrar (where you arrive when you warp in from the airship).

Wedge costs 160 gil per game and is a constant free agent, meaning he’s available at all times & does not sign to any other team.

You can first recruit him as soon as you’re able to play blitzball from save points.


Who is Wedge?

Being half of the classic Final Fantasy duo, Wedge can be found in FFX standing next to Biggs in Luca.

Both can be recruited into the Aurochs, but Wedge is the better player by far.

Whereas Biggs only gets worse as he levels up, Wedge continues to get better and better over time.

Wedge is the perfect definition of a ‘jack of all trades’.

Should he have a job class, it would be Red Mage.

Wedge Blitzball Stats Info Screenshot / FFX HD

In fact, his stats evolve as he levels up in a way that changes what the best position for him is.

At early levels (between 1 and 25) Wedge is a great forward with strong Shot (SH) and Attack (AT).

Around mid-level between levels 25 and 55, Wedge’s Block (BL) and Endurance (EN) skyrocket, making him a great defender.

And finally at his higher levels, from levels 55 to 99, his Catch (CA) explodes, and he becomes one of the best goalies in the game because of it.

It is remarkably interesting to watch Wedge level up, because it really is like watching an athlete’s career and how they move around the positions of their team.

Wedge Fullscreen Location in Luca / FFX HD

Is Wedge Worth It?


Absolutely worth signing, no question about it.

Wedge’s unique adaptability means that he’s never not useful.

Pick him up early and he’ll last your entire blitzball career.

He’s affordable, easy to find and recruit, and always pays dividends.

No matter what your blitzball goal is, Wedge will probably easily be able to find a place in the Besaid Aurochs.

So sorry to break up the duo, but Biggs will have to step back and watch as his friend Wedge climbs the ladder.

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