FFX Winning Formula Farming (Methods + Uses)

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The quickest way to get Winning Formulas is by bribing Sand Worms with 900,000 gil for x15 of them. You can find these fiends in the deserts on Bikanel Island. And this is the only bribe in the game for Winning Formulas.

You can also get a single Winning Formula as a drop each time you defeat Ultima Buster in the Monster Arena – but its difficulty is such a large hurdle that this certainly feels like the worse farming option.

But if you want to go this route, Ultima Buster gets unlocked after capturing five copies of every fiend in Spira.

So you pretty much have two options:

  • Bribe Sand Worms 900k gil for x15 Formulas (Recommended)
  • Repeatedly fight Ultima Buster for a chance of x1 Formula drop

Beyond these two methods, there are no other recurring farming methods for getting Winning Formulas.

Although you can get a one-time reward of x99 Winning Formulas after unlocking Neslug at the Monster Arena. But this is another challenging unlock, since it only appears after you capture one of every fiend in Spira.

So when it comes to this particular item, bribe is the way to go.

Ultima Buster Close-up Battle Screenshot / FFX HD

What Are Winning Formulas Used For?

They can customize Triple Overdrive onto a weapon.

And that’s really it.

Triple Overdrive simply triples how fast your overdrive bar fills in battle, and it’s also crucial to executing the famous Don Tonberry trick.

But Rikku can also use Winning Formulas in a few of her mixes, such as:

Super Mighty G (Chocobo Feather + Winning Formula): Casts Shell, Protect, Haste, and Regen on the entire party.

Trio of 9999 (Door to Tomorrow + Winning Formula): The party’s attacks and abilities deal 9999 damage.

Final Phoenix (Phoenix Down + Winning Formula): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Sand Worm Battle Screenshot / FFX HD

Are Winning Formulas Worth Farming?

Yes, but only to build the proper weapon for the Don Tonberry AP method.

Winning Formulas are surprisingly hard to get, and should only be used for Triple Overdrive on a weapon that also has Triple AP and Overdrive > AP.

Any other use is a waste.

And if you already have those weapons then don’t bother farming more.

Winning Formulas by themselves aren’t worth the hassle.

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