How To Obtain Yojimbo in FFX (Unlock + Stats)

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Yojimbo is one of three optional Aeons in FFX. To get him to join your party, you’ll need to go through the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth and convince him to join Yuna’s pilgrimage after defeating him in battle.

The Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is found in the gorge below the Calm Lands. You can access this area after defeating Defender Z on your way to Mt. Gagazet.

Yojimbo is a unique Aeon in that he has the ability to instantly defeat enemies – much like Odin in other Final Fantasy games. The drawback is that you won’t ever really have full control over Yojimbo’s actions in battle, but we’ll cover more about that in this guide.


How To Get Yojimbo via Negotiations

Yojimbo's Fayth / FFX
Yojimbo’s Fayth

Going through the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth is pretty straightforward. The same can be said of the battle with Yojimbo at the end.

The tricky part about getting Yojimbo to join the party is handling the conversation after beating him.

When your battle with the Aeon is over, he will ask Yuna why she seeks his help and you will be given 3 options for your answer. Your response here will not only affect the negotiations that will follow, but also how Yojimbo will behave when summoned.

After choosing a response, Yojimbo will give you a price for him to join Yuna’s pilgrimage. Selecting the third option, “To defeat the most powerful of enemies”, will give you the lowest asking price from Yojimbo.

Answering Yojimbo's Question / FFX
Answering Yojimbo’s Question

Responding this way will also provide you with a slight boost in Yojimbo’s chances of using Zanmato when summoned.

Zanmato is his signature move that will slice enemies in half, instantly killing them.

Tip: Should Yojimbo decline the amount of gil you offer, you can simply return to his fayth and try again. On the other hand, if you offer triple the amount of gil he is asking for at any point, Yojimbo will give you two Teleport Spheres in addition to joining your party.


Working with Yojimbo in Battle

Yuna with Daigoro, Yojimbo's Pet Dog / FFX
Yuna with Daigoro, Yojimbo’s Pet Dog

After Yojimbo accepts your gil and joins the party, you may notice that he doesn’t have any default abilities, and you will be unable to teach him any new ones.

When summoned, he will only have two options for you to choose: Pay or Dismiss.

Selecting Pay will have you dish out even more gil for Yojimbo to act. What action he will take will depend on a hidden stat that players refer to as Motivation.

Yojimbo in Battle / FFX
Yojimbo in Battle

Motivation has a very confusing formula associated with it that takes into account Yuna’s answer to Yojimbo’s question after defeating him, as well as actions taken while he is summoned, but let’s try to keep it simple.

  • If Yojimbo is KO’d in battle, dismissed immediately after being summoned, or offered a very little amount of gil, his Motivation will decrease.
  • To raise his Motivation, all you need to do is offer him a substantial payment every turn.

Dismiss works the same way as with other Aeons – so using Dismiss will just have Yojimbo leave the battle. He will also be dismissed when offered 0 gil.


Yojimbo’s Base Stats & Actions

Yojimbo Preparing Zanmato / FFX
Yojimbo Preparing Zanmato

Base Stats

Stat Base Value
HP 1030
MP 0
Strength 29
Defense 25
Magic 16
Magic Defense 23
Agility 9
Luck 17
Evasion 59
Accuracy 19

Note: Though you can increase Yojimbo’s MP, he will not have any use for it.



Wakizashi Animation / FFX
Wakizashi Animation
Action Description
Daigoro Yojimbo will command Daigoro, his dog, to attack a single target.
Kozuka Damage a single target with a special throwing knife
Wakizashi Yojimbo uses a short sword to damage multiple targets
Zanmato Yojimbo will draw his katana and slice enemies in half, instantly killing them

Keep an eye on what actions Yojimbo decides to take after offering him gil, as they will give you clues on where his Motivation currently is.


Using Daigoro means his motivation is down and you’ll need to start paying him more. Yojimbo using Wakizashi means you are on the right track to seeing Zanmato be unleashed.

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