Yuma Guado Location & Blitzball Details (FFX)

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Yuma Guado can be found at (presumably) her house in Guadosalam.

She costs 100 gil per game, plus she’s a free agent that can join the Besaid Aurochs at basically any time.

She can be recruited as soon as you have the ability to play Blitzball from save points.


Who is Yuma Guado?

Yuma is a resident of Guadosalam, living (presumably) her best life, one that occasionally involves blitzing.

When in the sphere, Yuma is primarily cut out to be a goalie – and not much else.

All those years of loafing around the house have (presumably) caused some atrophy in her blitzball skills.

Yuma Guado Blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

Yuma’s Catch (CA) is fairly standard (almost decent) at early-to-mid levels.

But the rest of her stats suffer from harsh mediocrity.

Even at level 99, Yuma’s abilities aren’t even half of most other players, leaving her at an unfortunate disadvantage.

Even as a level one goalie, Yuma isn’t that great.

She doesn’t have too many skills, doesn’t progress as well, and overall is probably better suited as a housekeeper.

Just because she kind of dresses like one of the Guado Glories doesn’t mean she is one.

Yuma Guado fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Yuma Guado Worth It?

Not even a little bit.

Sorry, Yuma!

In Final Fantasy X, there are fifty-two recruitable blitzball players.

When you look at that from a mechanical standpoint, you realize that a lot of them are only going to be there to be filler, to make the act of recruiting more engaging.

Unfortunately, Yuma is one of those filler players.

With poor stats and growth, she’s just a filler NPC for people who either don’t know any better, or for people who are maybe looking for a challenge.

Ultimately there are better goalies out there.

Best of luck to you, Yuma! I’m sure you’ll have a happy life forever inside your house.

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