FFX: Zazi Guado Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Zazi Guado can be found in a house in Guadosalam. He’s a member of the Guado Glories, and you’ll have to wait for his contract with them to expire before you can recruit him to the Aurochs.

And he costs 90 gil per game to sign.


Who is Zazi Guado?

Zazi is just about the perfect example of an RPG NPC:

Bland, unassuming, and ultimately forgettable.

These attributes also apply to his skills on the blitzball field.

Because yeah, Zazi’s stats aren’t great. I’d say that they also aren’t good.

Zazi Guado Blitzball Stats Screen / FFX HD

His Attack (AT) stat in particular is one of the worst in the game, capping at 12, and never going any higher (even at level 99).

The rest of his stats are a big shoulder shrug.

Even at the highest levels, his numbers just don’t quite get anywhere.

Can you use him? Sure, he’s a body on the field.

But will you have a good time with him? I suppose you can have a good time with anything if you try hard enough…

Zazi’s staunch mediocrity is his biggest downfall.

This is another blitzball player whose purpose just seems to be to pad out of the overall number of NPCs you can recruit.

Zazi Guado fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Zazi Guado Worth It?

Oh dear, no.

There are so many better players.

By the time you get to Guadosalam you could have gotten both Wedge and Miyu, who are much better suited for long-term team play.

Zazi (and no offense bro) is somebody best talked to once and forgotten about for the rest of the game.

He just doesn’t have the skills to pay the bills.

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