FFX-2: Best Blitzball Free Agent Picks For Each Position

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Spira’s greatest time sink returns in Final Fantasy X-2, albeit with a twist.

In this game’s version of Blitzball you go from player to coach, overseeing your custom built Blitzball team in the hopes of training them to success.

This twist brings some changes to how you play this minigame in FFX-2.

Instead of powering through victory after victory by controlling Tidus, you’ll need to micromanage every single aspect and analyses every minute detail, making sure you have a strong player in every position.

And in this article I’ll share the best free agents to track down for each position, and how to get them.


Goalkeeper (GL)



The best thing about Shinra is that he’s already a part of your team to begin with.

Although his overall stats aren’t anything special, his Catch stat maxes out at 79 – so he’s more than capable of filling in as your goalie.



You just need to take one look at Kwinn’s stats and you’ll see they were born to do one thing:


Their stats just like Shinra’s aren’t anything to shout about.

But you’ll get a max Catch stat of 94 with Kwinn – and you won’t find many players better suited to the Goalkeeper position.

Kwinn can be recruited with a Scout Level of 4.



This one has shades of Keepa from FFX, in that his stats show he’s both capable as a Goalie and as a Forward.

At max level he gets a Catch stat of 92 and a Shoot stat of 94. So it’s really your call, although with a low Endurance stat he’s pretty squishy against tough Defenders.

Barthello can be recruited with a Max Scout Level.


Defender (DF)



Atta boasts one of the best Pass stats in the game at 93…

But very little else.

So although they would slot nicely in Defense to spray long passes to your Forward players, you’ll probably want to pair them with a beefy player with high Block and Attack for added protection.

Atta can be recruited at Scout Level 4.



In stark contrast to Atta, Jumal excels at challenging opposing Forwards with his 94 Attack – and is useful at blocking shots with a Block stat of 60.

He adds much-needed steel to any Defense.

Jumal can be recruited at Scout Level 2.



Pound for pound, this is one of the best defensive free agents in the game.

At max level he boasts 92 in Endurance, 96 in Passing, and 96 in Block.

His Attack is only 10, though. So he will definitely benefit with Jumal by his side.

He can also end up with a Receive stat of 210 – so he’ll be getting a lot of the ball.

Isaaru can be recruited at Max Scout Level.


Midfielder (MF)



Although Kiyuri doesn’t really stand out across the board, she has a monstrous 95 Attack stat.

So placing her in MF is a great way to break up any opposing attacking move really early.

Her Shoot is quite low, though.

So she’s more suited for passing the ball to your Forwards at the first opportunity.

Kiyuri can be recruited at Scout Level 3.



Neffe offers decent stats across the board, so slots in quite nicely in Midfield.

A 51 in Passing helps distribute the ball well, 73 Endurance allows Neffe to carry the ball forward, and 56 in Attack to break up any opposing play.

And finally, Neffe’s Shoot stat of 73 is perfect if you ever find yourself in a shooting position.

Neffe can be recruited at Scout Level 3.



Cahan’s stats are a little more well-rounded. And as a result, he doesn’t really stand out from the crowd.

51 in Attack and 74 in Block is useful if you want to have a MF that acts as an extra line of defense.

And a 76 in Passing is there if you require your MF to be more of a playmaker.

Cahan can be recruited at Scout Level 4.


Forward (FW)



Your very own Paine serves as a great Forward at max level, due to her Shoot stat of 92.

She has below par Endurance, though.

So you’ll probably need to get your shots off quickly.

Paine also doesn’t need to be recruited, as she’s already part of your team by default.



Like Paine, Tatts has a Shoot stat of 92.

But Tatts has slightly higher Endurance, so they have more license to take on opposing Defenders.

Tatts can be recruited at Scout Level 4.



Final Fantasy X had plenty of players with weird stat layouts.

And this has carried over to FFX-2 with players such as Auborine.

Almost every stat is utter garbage other than 99 Shoot, and a whopping 60 in Speed, allowing Auborine to race past Defenders and get off what is usually an unstoppable shot.

Auborine can be recruited at Scout Level 4.


Honorable Mentions



Remember what I said about weird stat layouts?

Well Lucil fits that description perfectly, with a very impressive 77 in every single stat – as well as 177 in Range and Receive.

This allows her to be acceptable for pretty much any position.

She can also use the Corkscrew Shot and Overhead Volley abilities, making her a great candidate for Forward.

Lucil can be recruited at Scout Level Max.



And finally, Yuyui is easily the most bonkers Blitzball player of them all.

Yuyui can max out every stat at 99, with Range and Receive topping out at 255.

Simply put, if you get Yuyui on your team, you’ll most likely steamroll every other Blitz team in your path.

Yuyui can be recruited at Scout Level Max.

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