The Best Bribes in Final Fantasy X-2 (Ranked)

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You can get almost anything for the right price.

By throwing enough money at something in Final Fantasy X-2 you can come away with some really nice stuff.

The Lady Luck Dressphere comes with a command called Bribe, and you can use this to pay Gil to remove an enemy from battle and receive an item from them.

Almost every enemy (and some bosses) can be bribed. And you can use this to get hold of multiple copies of really rare items and accessories.

The success rate of Bribe comes from how much Gil you offer. Each enemy has a 100% success threshold based on their Max HP x 6.

And although you can technically succeed with a minimal amount, I’ll only be listing the guaranteed amounts in this article.

So let’s check out the best items you can obtain with Bribe in FFX-2, and where you can find them.


10. Tetra Bracelet (Oversouled Zalamander)

Zalamander battle in FFX-2

Tetra Bracelet is a great little accessory that allows you to absorb damage from Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Water elemental attacks.

Having this equipped and getting your health restored by enemy attacks is a very useful tactic – and allows you to really go on the offensive without worrying about your HP.

You first encounter Zalamander as a boss in the Thunder Plains, and then subsequently in the Fiend Arena.

You can guarantee your Bribe by using 56,972 Gil, but please note that the Tetra Bracelet is his rare drop, with the less useful Tetra Band (halves elemental damage rather than absorb) being his common drop.


9. Defence Bracer (Oversouled Adamantoise)

Adamantoise creature in FFX-2

Another defensive accessory here.

Having this equipped grants the user constant Protect and Shell status, halving all incoming physical and magical attacks.

You can really beef up your party’s defense by having a full set of 3 of these.

Adamantoise is found in the Calm Lands, Floating Ruins, and of course the Fiend Arena.

You can successfully Bribe this enemy with 32,972 Gil.


8. Crystal Bangle (Oversouled Balivarha)

Balivarha creature cutscene in FFX-2

The Crystal Bangle is an amazing accessory that doubles the holder’s max HP.

Since this is a percentage-based boost, the usefulness really increases the higher level your characters are.

The good thing about Balivarha is that he can be found in quite a few places.

You can battle him in the Thunder Plains, Moonflow, Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Floating Ruins, and Via Infinito.

And you can guarantee 100% success with your Bribe by using 35,032 Gil.


7. White Lore (Anything Eater)

Anything Eater battle in FFX-2

The Lore accessories in Final Fantasy X-2 act as sort of a mini-Dressphere for your characters.

You can get one for a number of Dresspheres, and their usefulness depends on how much you have invested into the appropriate Dressphere.

For instance, equipping the White Lore accessory grants you access to all the White Mage abilities that character has currently learned, along with a boost to your Magic stat, allowing you to choose a more offensive Dressphere.

It’s similar to how Job abilities work in Final Fantasy V.

The Anything Eater is a boss found in the Ruin Depths optional dungeon, and can be successfully bribed for 48,400 Gil.


6. Regal Crown (Flan Blanco)

Flan Blanco creature from FFX-2

This nifty little accessory gives you a +40 boost in Magic and Magic Defense, but its main draw is that it can teach your fiend the useful Darkness ability, giving them a really powerful skill to assist you in battle.

You can find Flan Blanco almost anywhere as a random encounter.

They’re found in Moonflow, Calm Lands, Bevelle Temple, Macalania Woods, and Via Infinito.

And they’ll give you the Regal Crown from just 2,500 Gil onward, making this a very cheap way to strengthen both you and your fiends.


5. Kaiser Knuckles (Oversouled Gug)

Oversouled Gug Creature in FFX-2

Kaiser Knuckles grants the holder an impressive +60 to their Strength stat.

It’s perfect for any of your physical Dressphere users.

Get a full set of these, turn your party into Berserkers, and watch as random encounters become mere formalities.

The Gug can be encountered in the Farplane, and will be successfully bribed with 25,792 Gil, although the Kaiser Knuckles are his rare Bribe item.


4. Megalixir (Earth Worm)

Earth Worm battle in FFX-2

Let’s face it:

Most of us RPG players suffer from FOUM (Fear Of Using Megalixirs) and we often find ourselves dying during hard encounters rather than digging deep in our pockets and using these.

Well suffer no more, as the Earth Worm enemy is a fantastic source of these – and you can get several per Bribe!

Earth Worm is another enemy found in the Farplane. And by offering 144,932 Gil you can obtain at least 5 Megalixirs, with 30 being his rare Bribe.


3. Three Stars (Omega Weapon)

Omega Weapon battle screenshot from FFX-2

Yes, even the esteemed Omega Weapon has a price.

And once you pay the required fee you can access two incredible items.

The first is an item called Three Stars, which has two amazing uses:

Firstly, when used in battle, Three Stars reduces the MP cost for the party to 0, allowing you to spam magic attacks to your heart’s content. The second use comes from feeding 8 of this item to one of your fiend’s to teach them the One MP Cost ability.

Omega Weapon can be found as a random encounter in the Farplane, and by offering at least 96,800 Gil you’ll receive 30 Three Stars in return.


2. Dark Matter (Paragon)

Paragon battle / FFX-2

Bribing a boss is fun.

But bribing a super boss is even better.

Paragon is one of Final Fantasy X-2’s hardest encounters.

So having the option to just make him go away by throwing money at him is pretty fun indeed.

On its own, the Dark Matter is just a damage dealing item.

But if you’ve read my article on the best FFX-2 mixes you’ll know just how useful this item truly is.

By mixing it with almost any item, you get the Miracle Drink, granting invincibility to your whole party.

Paragon requires a whopping 800,000 Gil (840,000 if Oversouled) to be bribed.

But not only will you end the fight early, you’ll also be guaranteed at least 10 Dark Matter.


1. Ribbon (Oversouled Omega Weapon)

Omega Weapon battle / FFX-2

Having a way to get multiple copies of the Ribbon accessory is the reason you can use Bribe to become fully OP in this game.

Not only can you get 3 of these to fully protect your party, but you can also get more and use them to teach Ribbon to your fiends.

You can actually bribe this accessory from a few enemies in the game, but Oversouled Omega Weapon offers the best value option for a guaranteed drop.

Simply offer 101,640 Gil and the Ribbon will be yours!

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