Final Fantasy X-2: The Best Spots For Grinding (EXP & AP)

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Final Fantasy X-2 is by no means a hard game. And there really isn’t much need to grind at all to complete it.

That said, there are a few super difficult bosses in the late game that require YRP to be at a very high level.

Whether you’re looking to tackle Angra Mainyu or Trema, or simply want to brute force your way through the game, you might want to level up as quickly (and as simply) as possible.

Below I’ll be listing the quickest ways to gain experience and AP in FFX-2.


FFX-2 EXP Grinding Spots


Shell Shocker – Moonflow: North Bank Road, Chapter 1-5

Shell Shocker HD Cutscene in Final Fantasy X-2

The majority of great grind spots in this game are found towards the end.

But I’m including this one for those who want to gain levels quickly in the early game.

You can find Shell Shockers from chapter 1, and they give 860 EXP per battle. Even better, they literally cannot kill you as all of their moves are gravity based.

They just sit there letting you wail on them. Which makes them prime to be grinded against.

The only problem is that their spawn rate is rare.

Not the most ideal grind spot, but it’s one of the best until you reach later chapters.


The Farplane, Chapter 5

Farplane battle grinding in FFX-2

From around level 30-40+ you should be ready to tackle nearly all the enemies in the Farplane.

Simply stand near a Save Point, equip your party with 3 x Lady Luck Dresspheres for the Double EXP ability, and give someone the Lure Bracer.

You’ll be gaining levels in no time at all – and could quite easily hit level 60+ after only an hour.

You have a chance to run into Omega Weapon too, who dishes out 6000 EXP with your Double EXP equipped.

The only enemy that could offer any sort of difficulty is the Adamantoise. So simply run from those and kill everything else you see to seriously level up YRP in no time.


Thunder Plains: Puzzle Cave, Chapter 5

Entrance to Thunder Plains Hidden Cave in FFX-2

Likewise with this spot, you’ll also want your party equipped with the Lady Luck Dressphere and a Lure Bracer.

Now simply enter the cave and run around right near the entrance.

Each battle will be against a formation of Mecha enemies that yields between 2000 and 3000 EXP per battle.

Each battle takes a matter of seconds due to the Lure Bracer, meaning you could potentially rack up 15000 EXP per minute.

Mecha enemies can’t oversoul. And since you’re right next to the exit of the cave, you can easily get to an Inn to heal.

Using this spot to grind, your party will hit max level real fast.


FFX-2 AP Grinding Spots


Machina Panzer – Fiend Arena

Machina Panzer battle in FFX-2 HD

This Mecha brute can be fought by selecting the No Mercy battle in the Battle Simulator.

No Mercy will be unlocked once you encounter it as part of the “Standard Hard Cup” tournament.

Machina Panzer is fairly tough to beat at low levels. But once you’re able to tackle him, he offers 10AP per battle, which doubles if you have your team equip the AP Egg accessory – and even better if you have someone equip the Key To Success accessory.

Machina Panzer also gives you 10000 Gil, and drops Crystal Bangles.

So you can easily fill your pockets as well as maxing all your Dresspheres at the same time.


Shiva – Fiend Arena

Fiend Arena Aeon Cup Battle in FFX-2 HD

You can unlock the Aeon Shiva in the Battle Simulator by releasing a Flan Blanco enemy.

The battle itself is both easier than the Machina Panzer (Shiva is predictably weak to fire and only has 14000 HP) and it offers more AP – 15 to be exact.

With a full team equipped with AP Eggs and the Keys To Success, you’re looking at 60 AP per battle.

If you’re at lower levels, you can mitigate her ice elemental attacks by equipping the Ice Queen Garment Grid. Or by having the Ice Eater auto ability.

Use this method to quickly max your Dresspheres and learn troublesome abilities (like Mascot’s Ribbon) with relative ease.

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