FFXI: Top 10 Best Quest Rewards In The Game

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In the vast sea of quests that FFXI swims in, it’s no wonder that there’s thousands of combined cut scenes, dialogue lines, NPCs and “???” locations dotted throughout the world.

Yet every so often, a quest comes along that offers a unique reward.

And sometimes a quest is so memorable that it becomes iconic for most players who ever picked up the game.

Here’s a list of the most unique ones in Final Fantasy XI.


10. It’s Raining Mannequins

Raining Mannequins questline screenshot in FFXI

This quest has players obtaining 5 mannequin parts and assembling them at Fyi Chalmwoh.

It can be quite lengthy to obtain them, but there’s various ways to acquire each one.

And the reward is a life-sized model, capable of displaying weapons and armor in your mog house!

Requirements: Windurst Reputation Level 1
Where to start the quest: Fyi Chalmwoh – Mhaura, (G-8)
Reward: A mannequin matching the race and gender of the player


9. Tenshodo Membership

Tenshodo Membership questline screenshot in FFXI

New players should aim to complete this enigmatic quest to access the game’s most valuable NPC as soon as possible.

In its secret society lies a merchant NPC that sells many rare magic scrolls that used to take hours of time and effort to obtain.

This includes stuff such as Warp II, Sleepga II and Utsusemi: Ichi!

Requirements: Tenshodo Invite x1, or
Jeuno Reputation Level 3 and a Tenshodo Member’s Card x1
Where to start the quest: Fyi Chalmwoh – Mhaura, (G-8)
Reward: Tenshodo Invite and access to various NPC shops, namely Amalasanda, who sells many quest-locked spell scrolls.


8. The Rivalry – The Competition

The Rivalry questline in FFXI

Here’s an infamous quest that rewards one of the two ultimate fishing rods in the game.

It’s a hefty one to complete, requiring a mind boggling 10,000 fish.

So yeah, you’ll be putting in some time here…

But for fishers looking to show off, it’s definitely something to aim for.

Requirements: San d’Oria Reputation 1, 10,000 Moat Carp and/or Forest Carp
Where to start the quest: Joulet or Gallijaux – Port San d’Oria, (H-8)
Reward: Lu Shang’s Rod


7. Give a Moogle a Break (Mog Safe quest series)

Give a Moogle a Break close-up screenshot in FFXI

So this 3-part quest series has players obtaining items for their Moogle friends, with the goal being to increase their Mog Safe storage space.

This is basically a necessity for the hundreds of items you’d be storing during your travels. So I definitely recommend tackling this quest whenever you can.

Requirements: Reputation Level 3 in player’s home nation, Bronze Bed x1, Power Bow x1, Beetle Ring x1
Where to start the quest: Moogle – Mog House in player’s home city
Reward: Mog Safe storage capacity +10 for each completed quest in the series


6. The Gobbiebag series

Gobbiebag Quest I screenshot from FFXI

Similarly to the Mog Safe quests, the Gobbiebag quests have you going about and obtaining all sorts of items.

But this time, the goal is to increase your maximum inventory slots—from the initial 30, increased up to a total of 80.

This is a welcome improvement for sure, since you’re bound to come across hundreds of items that you’d want to keep with you. Inventory space ain’t cheap.

This quest also increases your Mog Satchel and Mog Sack capacity to the matching inventory limit each time, too!

This 10-part questline is long (very long) and the list of items you’ll need is also pretty long.

But completing this whole questline is absolutely recommended, considering how much you get from it.

Requirements: Jeuno Reputation 2 and:
Molybdenum Ingot x1, Griffon Leather x1, Foulard x1, Angel Skin Orb x1
Goblin Stew 880 x1
Where to start the quest: Bluffnix – Lower Jeuno, (H-9)
Reward: Maximum Inventory +5 for each completed quest in the series


5. Release the Fleece

Release the Fleece FFXI quest preview in FFXI

Completion of this quest unlocks the first part of the in-depth monster rearing system, enabling players to care for many types of monsters – most of them with an adorable baby form!

Players who spend time with this system will be rewarded handsomely, since raising monsters properly rewards key items that offer permanent buffs.

This could mean a permanent increase to movement speed or experience and capacity points.

Requirements: All gathering locations in a player’s Mog Garden totalling rank 20 or higher, and players having asked Susuroon for help at least once
Where to start the quest: Green Thumb Moogle – Mog Garden
Reward: Monster Rearing system unlocked


4. Elder Memories or The Old Lady (Easy method)

Elder Memories questline preview in FFXI

This quest formerly required 3 items to unlock, but it has been greatly simplified due to the introduction of the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline in Final Fantasy XI.

But it’s also one of the most important quests to complete.

And it’s definitely one of the more memorable ones in the entire game, since it gives you access to the whole support job (subjob) system.

Requirements: Level 18+, Completion of the quest “Set Free“
Where to start the quest: Isacio – Selbina, (G-10) or Vera – Mhaura, (G-10)
Reward: Unlocks the Sub Job system


3. Full Speed Ahead!

Full Speed Ahead quest preview in FFXI

In more recent years, FFXI has introduced a mount system.

This greatly reduces the dangers of travelling through outside areas around the world.

While it’s not possible to use mounts in towns, dungeons, or underground zones, they’re immensely useful when they’re able to be summoned.

And this is the quest you’ll want to complete to get them.

Requirements: Level 20+, Completion of the quest “Chocobo’s Wounds”
Where to start the quest: Mapitoto – Upper Jeuno, (G-7)
Reward: Unlocks the Mount system


2. Unity Concord

Unity Concord cutscene screenshot from FFXI

Unity Concord is a quest that every player should complete, and it’s one you’ll likely remember for a while too.

It unlocks the Unity system, which is a beginner-friendly game-wide system.

It’s represented by Vana’diel’s most popular NPCs that routinely tell you things in the server-wide unity chat, namely information on Dominion Invasion battles.

Unity chats can also be used by other players belonging to the same unity.

The system even serves to introduce players to the Unity NM system, which is a fairly easy way for new high-level players to gear up, earn money, and progress into endgame.

Requirements: 5 Records of Eminence quests completed
Where to start the quest:
Urioblaine – Southern San’dOria, (G-10)
Igsli – Bastok Markets, (E-11)
Teldro-Kesdrodo and Yonolala – Windurst Woods, (J-10)
Nunaarl Bthrogg – Western Adoulin, (H-11)
Reward: Unlocks the Unity System


1. First Step Forward

Records of Eminence cutscene screenshot from FFXI

This quest rewards you with the Records of Eminence system – one of the most important systems to unlock in FFXI, especially for those new or returning to the game.

As a whole, this offers a beginner-friendly introduction to the various systems you’ll need to learn to play the game. And it comfortably helps you gear up, too.

But it also offers quite a few rewards rewards. And it also features a daily, weekly, and monthly objective system that’s used by players of all levels.

So it’s easy to see why this quest (and the Records of Eminence) is so iconic!

Requirements: None
Where to start the quest: Accept “First Step Forward” by opening the Quest Menu > Records of Eminence > Tutorial > Basics, and then speak to one of the following A.M.A.N. representatives:
Rolandienne – Southern San d’Oria, (G-10)
Isakoth – Bastok Markets, (E-11)
Fhelm Jobeizat – Windurst Woods, (J-10)
Eternal Flame – Western Adoulin, (H-11)
Reward: Unlocks the Records of Eminence System

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