FFXI: Ranking The Best Weapons For Dark Knights

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In old times, Dark knights were the butt of jokes for their notoriously low accuracy and tendency to defeat themselves just as much as they defeat their enemies.

But it’s one of the strongest DD jobs currently in the game!

They’re now arcane killing machines. Since dark knights have a massive arsenal of weapons to choose from, it can be hard to know what to pick.

This list will break down some of the best options that they should aim for during their careers.


5. Liberator

Liberator is one of the more interesting mythic weapons out of all of them; since it’s most often used for its incredible absorb-stats potency increases.

Its Augments Absorb Spells V grants a massive +50% potency to their absorb spells, making dark knights capable of absorbing well over 60 of a single stat.

Insurgency is also a very powerful weapon skill when wielding this weapon, but it isn’t that strong without it. It bears a strong fTP at 2000 and 3000 TP thresholds, 3000 TP being particularly important thanks to its synergy with the level 3 mythic aftermath, capable of granting a 40% Double Attack and 20% Triple Attack rate!

Insurgency also possesses the valuable Fusion skillchain property in addition to Compression, making it a respectable weapon skill for multi-step skillchains.

The mythic aftermath can be difficult to maintain due to having to spend so much TP to keep dark knights swinging their scythes. This means there’s a rather large potential dip in their DPS when they’re unable to act, such as being put to sleep or paralyzed.

And Liberator is a mythic weapon, meaning it’s going to take considerably more time to create than other weapons in this list. So it usually isn’t the first choice for a dark knight.


4. Anguta

Anguta is the Aeonic scythe weapon, and boasts the powerful Store TP +10 and TP Bonus +500 stats.

Since this weapon offers a very nice TP bonus, it works well with weapon skills that have large fTP gains like Cross Reaper, Quietus and Insurgency.

This is a dark knight’s go-to weapon when skillchain damage is an important part of a group.

Unfortunately, the weapon skill it’s attached to—Entropy—doesn’t do much damage at all; instead it’s used as an MP generation tool, which it greatly excels at.

It restores around 20% of the damage it deals, making it incredibly easy for dark knights to keep their MP reserves topped up.

Entropy also has the valuable Gravitation skillchain property as well as Reverberation, making it an excellent tool when creating multi-step skillchains.

It’s important to note that using Anguta unlocks the Darkness skillchain property for this weapon skill too, which sees to some use when closing level 4 skillchains.

Since this is an Aeonic weapon, it’s going to be pretty difficult to obtain, unless you’re part of an Aeonic Linkshell. For this reason, it’s advised only for serious dark knights.


3. Caladbolg

In situations where accuracy isn’t a concern, Torcleaver—Caladbolg’s weapon skill—can deal damage that rivals even the damage of the top weapon of this list. And it’s capable of incredibly easy skillchains thanks to its Light and Distortion skillchain elements!

Since it’s only a single hit, it’s best to focus on accuracy and attack.

While most one-hit weapon skills carry a natural accuracy bonus on them, it’s important not to get too complacent, as missing with Torcleaver really shows. And that dip in damage can be detrimental to overall DPS.

Caladbolg has an incredible white damage potential too.

Its aftermath offers occasional triple damage on any of their auto attacks. Critical hits from this weapon are going to leave a mark.

The only unfortunate thing holding Torcleaver’s damage back (besides its pretty steep accuracy requirements) is its jarring 80% vitality modifier.

If it had strength instead, there’s no doubt it would be one of dark knight’s most consistently powerful attacks.

The Caladbolg is an Empyrean weapon. This means accessing it is relatively easy, and so is upgrading it.


2. Apocalypse

This is by far the most popular and easily usable weapons in a dark knight’s arsenal, and one that all budding ones should go for (if not the next weapon in this list).

While its linked weapon skill Catastrophe doesn’t do amazing amounts of damage, its power lies in its incredible self-sustain capabilities.

Apocalypse has a healthy accuracy +60 stat that leaves most accuracy concerns in the dust, too!

It will drain anywhere from 30-70% of the damage it deals to a target, and convert it to HP; capable of fully healing a dark knight in an instant.

That means it’s especially handy when combined with Drain II or Drain III, both of which increase dark knight’s max HP.

Its aftermath also gives a pretty handy 10% equipment haste effect, so it allows users some flexibility with gear haste options. This weapon allows dark knights to solo content that they wouldn’t be able to normally.

Apocalypse is a relic weapon, so upgrading it can be difficult, while obtaining it isn’t. It’s advised to create one, though, as it’s an incredibly useful for solo or low-man situations.


1. Ragnarok

If dark knights were to build a weapon that allows them to comfortably play most content, it would be this one.

Ragnarok is a tried and true weapon capable of devastating damage.

Players will mostly be using Resolution and Torcleaver with this weapon, but won’t stray too far from using Scourge to keep its valuable aftermath up, since it’s possible to ramp up to a total +24% critical hit rate!

And with its native +60 accuracy stat, there shouldn’t be too many worries about missing, either.

Warriors will generally see more damage out of it than a dark knight due to their abilities. But that’s not to say dark knights can’t do good damage with Ragnarok, they certainly can!

Since it’s a relic weapon, obtaining one isn’t too hard, but upgrading can prove a little difficult.

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