Best Great Axe Weapon Skills in Final Fantasy XI

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In FFXI, great axes will see the most use by warriors.

So that means a large bulk of great axe weapon skills will be focused on hitting as hard as possible.

Generally speaking, warriors will tend to gravitate towards using great swords as opposed to great axes in the current meta. But that’s not to say that great axes don’t have their uses.

And they can still deal very high damage, especially considering their fantastic skillchain properties.


5. King’s Justice

King’s justice is best paired with their mythic, Conqueror.

Combined with a mythic’s aftermath (the +49.5% King’s Justice Damage boost and its hefty 50% STR modifier), this weapon skill can push out some considerably high numbers.

But generally, it’s only going to be used with a mythic for certain situations.

It also possesses the Fragmentation and Scission skillchain properties, making it very valuable as part of a multi-step skillchain sequence.


4. Metatron Torment

Metatron Torment is rather unique in that it isn’t really the go-to for damage.

Instead, it’s used for the incredibly potent aftermath gained when used with its signature weapon, Bravura.

It grants a hefty -20% damage taken! Warriors who are tanking can significantly reduce the damage they receive across the board.

It’s also great paired with the next weapon skill in this list.

Unfortunately, besides only really seeing a use with Bravura, Metatron Torment slips up when it comes to applying its aftermath: an 18.75% defense down effect.

While this may seem rather powerful, its issue lies in its pretty inconsistent landing rate. It’s much better to apply defense down by other means, such as with spells or even via other great axe weapon skills like Armor Break.


3. Fell Cleave

Fell Cleave became such a popular weapon skill during the Abyssea era of FFXI, that the general term for mass-killing monsters in any manner was called “cleaving”.

It’s a term taken from this very weapon skill, and is still used to this day.

When it comes to killing enemies as quickly as possible with physical damage, this is the leading example.

It’s best used in situations where a warrior is surrounded by enemies.

When combined with a warrior’s retaliation ability, they can find themselves using Fell Cleave in rapid succession, making short work of crowds in no time at all.


2. Upheaval

This snazzy-looking weapon skill is great for consistent, reliable damage. And it’s a good alternative to the top weapon skill in this list.

Upheaval is especially amazing when paired with Mighty Strikes, forcing each of its 4 hits to be critical, giving it some serious firepower.

It also gains the invaluable ability to create level 4 skillchains if it’s used with the aeonic weapon Chango.

Upheaval’s main drawback is its scathing 60% VIT modifier. If it had a STR modifier like every other weapon skill on this list, it could be one of the strongest attacks in a warrior’s arsenal.


1. Ukko’s Fury

The Great axe’s claim to fame is without a doubt Ukko’s Fury.

It sports 60% STR, and also has the ability to critical hit!

Since it’s an empyrean weapon skill, it’s best paired with a Ukonvasara, the empyrean great axe.

It’s also got fantastic skillchain properties, creating Light when used twice in succession. And it’s also capable of easily making Light with Upheaval.

With all of this combined, Ukko’s Fury can be a warrior’s strongest attack out of all the weapon skills out there. And they have a lot to pick from!

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