FFXI: The Best Subjobs For Puppetmaster

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Puppetmaster is an incredibly flexible hybrid job that’s capable of dealing damage, tanking, casting, or even healing, all due to their wonderful Automatons.

Although the job can be particularly complex, those who understand it are rewarded with near unmatched flexibility – this even allows them to tackle some incredibly difficult content on their own.

With their Automatons being separate entities (and thus performing their own roles in battle), your PUP is free to choose from a diverse list of subjobs that don’t impede on their base abilities.

If you’re not sure what job to match with your puppetmaster, we’ve got a few great suggestions right here.


5. White Mage

In the particular case of an automaton being the center of attention, it stands to reason that a master can stand safely on the backlines and provide support if necessary.

And this is possible all with the spells that a white mage offers.

This is especially useful in situations where it’s far too risky for a master to stand in AoE range.

And that’s doubly important here since most puppetmasters have little defensive abilities of their own!

So just by subbing white mage grants you the highly valuable Magic Defense Bonus II trait, and it’s sure to come in handy.

You also gain access to Haste, Dia II, Stoneskin, Blink, Erase, as well as -Na and Bar-spells, in addition to Cure IV, allowing you to perform as a backline support job perfectly.

Experienced puppetmasters are also able to make use of the enmity generated by Flash, in conjunction with Ventriloquy, to really keep an enemy’s gaze locked on you – which is great, if you happen to be generating enmity via support.

And lastly, Divine Seal could be used as an emergency healing tool with a WHM subjob.

You can use this to either buff the next healing spell, or to turn the next –Na spell into an AoE!


4. Dancer

I have to admit, this is an incredibly effective hybrid utility job that synergizes well with a puppetmaster’s natural affinity to solo well.

Most players using a dancer subjob will either be new, in low man content, or Dynamis—where this job will truly shine.

Dancer will also grant the Skillchain Bonus trait that a puppetmaster may find handy, specifically when combining their weapon skills with an automaton’s.

You’ll also get access to Subtle Blow II to minimize the TP you’d be giving to enemies when they attack.

By adding a dancer subjob you’ll also get some nifty self-sustaining techniques, without full reliance on automatons or trusts. Now you can give an automaton the option to tank or damage deal instead.

And with access to various Waltzes, a puppetmaster can remove debilitating status ailments quickly, or heal themselves or allies instantly. Always a good thing.

Also worth mentioning Haste Samba, which is an effective way to grant a 5% job ability Haste to the party or to their automatons. On top of that, Steps and Flourishes can be used to passively debuff enemies, or stun them.

Moreover, Reverse Flourish could even be used in conjunction with Tactical Switch by experienced puppetmasters – that way you could quickly grant large amounts of TP to your Automatons, increasing their weapon skill frequency.

And one final point: Spectral Jig also allows puppetmasters to traverse safely through dangerous crowds of monsters or areas, all without the reliance on spells or items.


3. Ninja

Here’s a great defensive option should a fight have a lot of dangerous amounts of physical AoE or single-target magic.

A Ninja subjob also offers Subtle Blow III, but there isn’t really anything else that a puppetmaster will benefit from by using this subjob – because its most important tool is Utsusemi.

When a fight does require shadows, though, this is an unbeatable choice.

Utsusemi subsequently allows puppetmasters to be a little aggressive in their approach to combat, by allowing them to stand in enemy range and just go ham with weapon skills alongside their automatons.

This may serve as a DPS increase depending on the situation.

Additionally, ninja grants Monomi and Tonko, which operate as Sneak and Invisible, respectively. This helps you move in a safer way, similar to a dancer’s spectral jig.


2. Rune Fencer

Ah yes, the bona fide defensive job when magic damage is an issue!

This subjob will usually be a primary choice and often taken when puppetmasters need to fight alongside their automatons. But it’s uniquely effective in its ability to mitigate incoming magical damage through the use of Vallation and Pflug, in combination with the various elemental Runes they can bestow.

Rune fencer as a subjob offers Magic Defense Bonus II, in addition to the Tenacity trait, which increases the chance that users may resist a status ailment. Surprisingly helpful in the right situations.

This subjob also grants a handful of useful spells like Blink, Aquaveil Bar-spells, and even Flash for enmity – which you can combine with Ventriloquy in the exact same way that you’d do it by subbing white mage.

So overall, the rune fencer subjob offers a lot of healing and defense, but also some battle damage too. It’s a pretty good middle-of-the-road choice.


1. Warrior

Warrior has to be the best subjob that a puppetmaster could use, if their intention is to hit as hard as possible.

Puppetmasters themselves are capable of some incredible damage, in addition to their automatons when the time calls for it. So with access to Attack Bonus, Smite, and Double Attack traits, the purpose of subbing warrior becomes clear:

To bolster your puppetmaster’s attack!

The Provoke ability may be used in conjunction with Ventriloquy here to effectively divert enmity to automatons, and keep the hate off yourself. This way you’d have a lot more control over each fight, and you can adjust based on the party (or how much DPS your party can dish out).

Provoke, Aggressor, and Warcry are fantastic and snappy ways for you to instantly increase your attack – and this is particularly useful combined with many of the hand-to-hand weapon skills that a puppetmaster gets, most notably Stringing Pummel with its signature 6 hits.

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