FFXI: The Best Subjobs For Scholar

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These complex hybrid mages are famed for their adaptability in performing many roles on the battlefield.

A strong scholar is capable of fantastic damage dealing and support, in addition to devastating DoTs in the form of Helixes—which eventually saw a nerf from Square Enix due to how powerful they were!

Because of their versatile nature, a scholar’s subjob usually helps them settle into some kind of primary role that they’ll take in their party.

And if you’re going the scholar route, here are a few ideas to consider for support jobs.


5. Ninja

Although rare, a scholar may be required to use this subjob to minimize the amount of MP they spend on healing damage, or using buffs to mitigate it.

Given that scholar has exemplary damage as a caster, it allows them to focus on just that – while having the safety of Utsusemi to back them up.

Occasionally, Scholars may also make use of ninja’s Dual Wield III trait to use two weapons, which can be valuable in the right situations.

There isn’t much else that this subjob provides. Which is why it remains as the bottom pick of this list.

But it’s certainly useful in situations where a scholar will be soloing difficult content on their own, given their impressive track record with solo battlefields lately.


4. Dancer

Scholar can make particularly efficient use of Dancer due to their dual wielding ability.

Since it allows you to equip two clubs, or even daggers, you can generate TP a little faster than they’re traditionally able to.

A faster accumulation of TP allows you to skillchain or magic burst off yourself, with intelligent use of Immanence.

Aside from this, you also get the ability to heal or remove status ailments with Waltzes – in addition to being able to debuff with Steps, should the need arise.

Scholars can blend this nicely with the fact that they can generate TP passively with Adloquium — granting a net total of 600. Though relatively minor, the extra TP becomes a helpful secondary resource that you’re free to spend in place of MP.

One other thing to mention: Spectral Jig is an effective way to quickly apply Sneak and Invisible, should you be unable to cast the spells yourself for fear of magic aggro.


3. White Mage

I’ll admit that this is another rare option. But white mages gives Scholars access to some spells that they’d otherwise be locked out of without the use of Addendum: White, in addition to some extra white magic they don’t learn otherwise – like Haste.

The shortcut to white magic comes in the form of various spells like all –Na spells, Erase, and Reraise.

Having instant access to these spells (even while in Addendum: Black) allows a scholar to quickly remove status ailments without wasting precious time choosing between the two schools of magic – or using their stratagem charges trying to stay on top of the situation.

Using white mage also grants scholars with AoE versions of practically every bar-spell in the game excluding just Baramnesra, in addition to Haste, Flash, Repose, and Dia II.

Scholar with a WHM sub will also get a handful of debuffing spells they would lack otherwise: Paralyze, Silence, and Slow.

And a white mage subjob also bestows the Magic Defense Bonus II trait, which scholar can use to further soften the blow of magic damage. Plus Divine Seal can be used to further bolster a scholar’s established healing capabilities, or may be used in conjunction with a –Na spell to turn it into a party-wide effect.

Lots of options here, although it still can be an unconventional pick.


2. Black Mage

Scholars are well known for their ability to deal magical damage.

So it comes as no surprise that black magic works well for them!

Like white mage, the black mage subjob offers many spells that a scholar wouldn’t naturally be able to use otherwise.

Or it can act has a handy shortcut to casting ones locked behind Addendum: Black.

In addition to permanent access to Sleep, Sleep II, and Dispel, black mage also allows scholar to cast Blind, Bio II, Tractor, Bind, and Stun.

Stun is particularly effective combined with Manifestation, to allow Scholars to create an AoE stun effect. Perfect for content where multiple monsters will be taken on at once.

Using this subjob also allows you to cast all of the elemental debuffs too. These fit in perfectly with scholar’s weather spells, in addition to the Helix series.

Sleepga also becomes instantly available, removing the need to combine it with Manifestation.

The main reason why black mage is an effective subjob for scholar is because of its power to bolster casting prowess.

In addition to the Magic Attack Bonus II trait, black mage also bestows Elemental Seal ability, which you can use to make sure your damaging or debuffing spells land with pristine accuracy.

The Warp and Escape spells are also quite handy, offering some travelling utility if a player or ally wants to leave an area quickly – or needs to escape a bad situation.


1. Red Mage

Perhaps the most effective subjob for a scholar that they’ll be using in a majority of party content is red mage.

This subjob offers the widest range of spells to fit any situation, especially combined with a scholar that knows how to use their stratagems to mimic a black or white mage—additionally bestowing the Magic Defense Bonus II and Magic Attack Bonus II traits.

Red mage allows scholar to cast some fantastic support spells that can be combined with Accession to create an AoE effect, like Phalanx, Self-target Bar-spells, and even Enspells!

This means you get some powerful buffing that isn’t possible with any other subjob.

You’ll also get access to Flurry and Haste, too.

Plus you get permanent access to Sleep, Sleep II, and Dispel, without reliance on Addendum: Black – in addition to some debuffing spells like Blind, Bio, Frazzle, and Distract.

Convert will also serve as a fantastic emergency MP tool if Sublimation isn’t readily available.

All-in-all if you’re going for a magic-heavy build with some diversity, the red mage subjob is probably calling your name.

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