The Best Ways To Farm Gil in Final Fantasy XI

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Many of the current gil farming techniques revolve around doing battle content for items, which are then sold to other players who buy them for weapon and armor progression.

And there’s a lot of gil out there to go around.

So whether it’s selling to player bazaars, the auction house, or NPCs, what are the most efficient ways to start raking in that money?

Note: Item prices may vary wildly from server to server, so be sure to check going rates server-relative first.


5. Odyssey

Most players that farm gil from this content will be opening chests. And it’s the most common to use Skeleton Keys to quickly open them.

This can be tricky, especially in relation to the chest ranking system, if you’re inexperienced.

But Lustreless Scales, Hides, and Wings, will all be commonly bought by other players looking to augment their UCNM equipment!

Alternatively, instead of actually farming there, players can instead craft Skeleton Keys – since other players may be looking to use them too.


4. Classic Dynamis Currency Farming

This is an ever-reliable money farming method.

This content is tied to the creation of relic weapons, so its items are still frequently purchased, often in large amounts.

Note that it’s time-limited, so players should first aim to get all time extensions before beginning to farm the various relic weapon currency from its zones.

Here are three tips I would highly recommend to players attempting to farm Dynamis:

1. Obtain the “Rhapsody in Azure” key item from the Rhapsodies of Vana’diel storyline to remove the lockout for re-entering Dynamis.
2. Understand how the Dynamis “proc” system works.
3. Use a Thief, preferably with high amounts of the Treasure Hunter trait.


3. Domain Invasion

This content is friendly to newly-attained level 99 players, making it easy to profit from.

It may take a little investment initially to get some gear that might stand out for a player’s current job, but the rewards quickly make up for it.

Once you’re up and running, you can snag valuable items such as Eschalixir +2, Wyrm Ash, and even Fern, Taupe, or Pellucid stones to sell for high amounts of gil.

You can often do this daily, and it’s relatively quick, so it’s a good task to incorporate into your schedule when logged in.


2. Ambuscade

This is currently the preferred way to obtain gil in FFXI!

Ambuscade offers a wide range of highly-valued items from other battle content, such as Dynamis, Assault, and Abyssea.

Players will most often be here to farm hallmarks, which will then be used to purchase valuable progression items used to upgrade Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean weapons.

This content does require some considerable maintenance and luck, though. It features a monthly rotating fight system that can vary wildly each time.

As such, it tends to require a decently geared level 99 character.


1. Use Sparks

While it’s not a blockbuster money maker, this is a consistent one that’s easily accessible to all players.

That’s why Sparks of Eminence is at the top of this list.

Instead of relying on player transactions like bazaar purchases or auction house sales, players can sell a ton of items to NPCs for instant gil.

Unfortunately, Square-Enix put a hefty clamp on its efficiency, imposing a 100,000 sparks spending limit per week.

So it’s best to use this in addition to other gil-making methods in this list.

With the 100,000 sparks limit in mind, the most efficient way to convert that into gil is to buy 36 Acheron Shields—costing 2,755 sparks each—from a Records of Eminence NPC.

Then sell them to any merchant NPC—selling for around 27,000 gil each—for just under a total of 1,000,000 gil!

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