What Are Achievement Points For in FFXIV?

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Achievement points are awarded when players complete achievement tasks. They can be awarded in varying amounts but ultimately only really exist as a progress indicator – they’re not a currency by themself.

So just by completing certain tasks in Final Fantasy XIV, you can earn achievements.

These prove to the world around you that yes, you have done a thing.

You might have gotten a haircut, completed a dungeon, or spammed something in the Gold Saucer far longer than was healthy.

You’ll notice that each achievement pop-up comes with a points value.

Unsurprisingly, harder achievements reward you with more points.

You can kind of get a handful of rewards from your achievement points, but they aren’t directly purchased with the points. I’ll go into more detail about that below.


So What Do I Get From Completing Achievements?

A sense of pride and immense inner satisfaction.

OK besides that, achievements can reward you with a ton of titles from earning them, alongside items, equipment, Orchestrion Rolls, and mounts.

Basically every activity in the game will reward you with achievements. So there’s an immense amount of challenge to chase after.

Some will be easily come by, some not so much.

Achievement hunting is actually a pretty satisfying way to kill time in XIV, and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.

I’d recommend checking out FFXIV Collect – it has some extremely useful tools and a fully comprehensive list of achievements and their rewards.

You can also use it to track Blue Magic spells, hairstyles, emotes, and relic weapon steps.

The harder the achievement, the more achievement points you get for completing it.

These points are mainly a progress indicator – a way of proving how much time and effort you’ve invested in doing stuff around Eorzea.

You can use it to see which dungeons you’ve completed (and what difficulty), which is an important indicator to Free Companies and raiding statics that want to make sure your skills are up to scratch.

As of Patch 5.5, you can claim your achievement rewards from the Achievement Menu.


Can I Do Anything With Achievement Points?

Actually, yes.

They’re not technically a currency by themselves, but players can visit an NPC in Old Gridania named Jonathas. He’s marked with a trophy icon on the mini-map, and will convert your earned achievement points into achievement certificates.

These certificates can then be used to purchase a variety of rewards from the options on this list.

There are some pretty fun items available.

My personal favorite by far is the Giant Chocobo Head, a helmet that pairs flawlessly with basically any glamour you choose to wear.

But there are minions and some pretty cool mounts too – like the hulking Behemoth, or the darkly comedic Magitek Death Claw.

Or if you prefer to keep it classic, you can get some new barding options for your Chocobo.

It shouldn’t take you too long at all to earn enough achievement certificates to buy basically everything you want from the list.

The amounts really aren’t that high, and you’ll be showered with achievements through your early time with the game.

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