How To Farm Ahriman Wings in FFXIV

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Ahriman wings can be collected by defeating Ahriman monsters found throughout the game. These are voidsent type mobs that have one gigantic eye, a large mouth full of fangs and fly around with bat-like wings.

While there are a number of different kinds of Ahriman monsters you can encounter in Eorzea, only one can be seen lurking about in the wild. They’re simply called “Ahriman”, and can be found surrounding Dalamud’s Talons in Northern Thanalan (X:24.5, Y:21.4).

Northern Thanalan is first accessed in the level 49 Main Scenario Quest, “A Hero in Need”.

The ahriman in this zone are level 44, and are found east of the second aetheryte on the map – the Ceruleum Processing Plant.

More ahriman type enemies can be found in FATEs, levequests, and dungeons (which we’ll cover in more detail below).

Your retainers are also able to procure ahriman wings through hunting exploration ventures.


The Arimaspi

Arimaspi close-up screenshot / Final Fantasy XIV
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Arimaspi is a creature of myth that was said to snatch men from their camps as they slept. One spawns as the Notorious Monster FATE, “With One Eye Open” in Northern Thanalan (X:25, Y:20).

This is a level 49 FATE that pops up in the same area where the normal ahriman are seen.

Arimaspi has the appearance of a much larger ahriman, with lighter skin and a big blue eye instead of the typical red.

I was able to solo this FATE pretty easily with my chocobo companion as a monk synced to level 50 with Augmented Ironworks gear.


Ahriman Wings from Levequests

Rurubana NPC location screenshot / FFXIV
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There are three different ahriman-type mobs that spawn after initiating levequests:

  • Balor
  • Fernehalwes
  • Milky Eye

Balor and Fernehalwes are spawned in Northern Thanalan, while Milky Eye is spawned in the Coerthas Central Highlands.

Balor appears from the level 40 levequest, “Don’t Forget to Cry”. This is a battlecraft quest that is given out by Rurubana in Northern Thanalan (X:22.2, Y:29.4).

Fernehalwes is a levequest wanted target, meaning it can randomly show up during one of the levequests given by Rurubana. Defeating a wanted target will award you with bonus experience points when turning in the quest.

Milky Eye is one of the monsters that spawn from the level 40 battlecraft levequest, “Necrologos: Whispers of the Gem”.

This quest is given by Voilinaut in the Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12.7, Y:16.8).


The Smolenkos of Amdapor Keep

Amdapor Keep at night / Final Fantasy XIV
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Amdapor Keep is an optional level 50 quest that’s unlocked by completing the side quest “Ghosts of Amdapor”.

This quest is given by an NPC named Nedrick Ironheart, who can be found in the Vesper Bay area of Western Thanalan (X:12.0, Y:14.4).

To receive this quest, you must be on a battle class that’s at least level 50, completed the dungeon “Aurum Vale”, and completed the Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”.

Inside Amdapor Keep, you can find Smolenkos – another ahriman-type voidsent that has a chance of dropping ahriman wings.

As this is a level 50 duty, the mobs inside are also level 50, including the smolenkos.

Keep in mind that since these monsters are found in a dungeon, they won’t respawn until you run the instance again – which makes this particular location pretty inefficient for farming items.


Readying Your Retainers

Should you have a retainer that’s at least a level 46 Disciple of War or Magic, he or she may be up to the task of hunting down these winged voidsent and bringing back some ahriman wings for you.

At level 46, a hunting exploration venture for ahriman wings becomes available as an option.

These ventures take about 40 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on your retainer’s level.

In that time, they’ll be able to collect between 5 and 15 ahriman wings depending on their gear’s average item level.


Uses in Alchemy

High Steel Kris screenshot / FFXIV
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Ahriman wings are used in three different alchemist recipes:

  • Mega-potion of mind at level 44
  • Gold needle at level 46
  • Wing glue at level 55

Wing glue is then used in crafting several different weapons, tools, and masks, including the level 62 rogue’s arm, High Steel Kris.

The mega-potion of mind is a consumable that can be used to boost your mind stat by 16% for 15 seconds. Mind affects the potency of your spells when using a healer class.

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