Aldgoat Skin & Aldgoat Leather Farming (FFXIV)

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Aldgoat skin can be farmed by defeating aldgoat-type monsters in FFXIV.

Aldgoats are horned creatures with a woolly coat, and they very much resemble the goats of our world, but are much larger in stature. You can farm these aldgoat mobs in two main locations:

  • Camp Drybone (X:15, Y:22)
  • Near the entrance to Halatali (X:16.8, Y:28.6)

Plus there are two kinds of aldgoat you can come across in Eastern Thanalan:

  • The Myotragus Billy, male aldgoats
  • The Myotragus Nanny, female aldgoats

They range from levels 16 to 18 and usually spawn in groups.

But even more Myotragus Billies can spawn near Halatali from the level 19 FATE “Men Who See Goats” (X:17, Y:29).

Or another type of aldgoat can be encountered in the game called the Mourning Billy/Nanny, but these only spawn during the level 40 bard class quest “Bard’s-eye View”. So they’re not ideal for farming.

Aldgoat skins can also be rewarded from levequests and obtained by your retainers, but farming the mobs yourself would be the fastest and most consistent method.


Aldgoat Skins From Levequests

Quarrymill, South Shroud Screenshot / FFXIV
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Levequests are repeatable quests that offer a great source of XP, especially for crafting and gathering classes.

But along with experience, the issuing NPC will also be able to give you an item (or items) as compensation.

Aldgoat skin is a possible reward from level 15 and level 20 tradecraft levequests for the leatherworker class.

There are three NPC’s that can give out these quests:

  • Qina Lyehga in the East Shroud (X:17.2, Y:27.2)
  • Gontrant in New Gridania (X:11.8, Y:13.4)
  • Nyell in the South Shroud (X:25.5, Y:20.3)

And here’s a list of levequests they offer that have the potential to reward you with some aldgoat skins:

  • Qina Lyehga
    • A Rush on Ringbands (Level 15)
    • Back in the Band (Level 15)
    • On Their Feet Again (Level 15)
  • Gontrant
    • Choke Hold (Level 15)
    • Heads Up (Level 15)
    • Skin off Their Backs (Level 15)
    • Fire and Hide (Level 20)
    • Playing the Part (Level 20)
    • My Sole to Take (Level 20)
  • Nyell
    • Hands On (Level 20)
    • Open to Attack (Level 20)
    • Packing a Punch (Level 20)

Hunting Exploration Ventures

Hunting exploration ventures offer a way to replenish your stock of aldgoat skins even faster.

This is a feature that allows your retainers to set out in search of items that you specify.

Your retainer must be a Disciple of War or Magic to go out on these ventures, and the option for collecting aldgoat skin becomes available when your retainer is at least level 18.

Keep in mind that in order to set a retainer’s class, you must have that same class unlocked and leveled on your character too.

Hunting Exploration Venture Menu / FFXIV
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Completing a hunting exploration venture takes 60 minutes, but this can be reduced to 40 mins by increasing your retainer’s level.

The number of aldgoat skins your retainer brings back ranges from 5 to 15, depending on the average iLVL of the equipment they have on.

It’s also possible to obtain aldgoat skin from the level 15 Field Exploration venture, but these take 18 hours to complete & don’t even guarantee what item you’ll receive. So these types of ventures are more for the experience points your retainer gets after completing them (and not super great for farming items).


Aldgoat Skin Uses

Player wearing Boarskin Equipment / FFXIV
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Aldgoat skin is used in a handful of leatherworking recipes – specifically for aldgoat leather and four different grades of Skybuilder’s Leather.

The four grades of skybuilder’s leather are all collectable items which can be turned in for Skybuilder’s Scrips.

Aldgoat leather is a component used to craft several different pieces of gear, such as the boarskin equipment set.

To craft a piece of aldgoat leather, you’ll need:

  • x1 earth shard
  • x1 aldgoat skin
  • x1 alumen

All with a level 17 leatherworker.

It’s worth noting that Aldgoat leather can also be obtained through treasure hunts with a leather treasure map.

And aside from crafting, these pieces of leather can also be used to complete the leatherworker tradecraft levequests “Fire and Hide” (Level 20) and “Skin off Their Backs” (level 15) from Gontrant in New Gridania.

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