FFXIV Allied Seals: What Are They For & How Do You Get Them?

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Allied Seals are a currency in Final Fantasy XIV. They’re acquired by killing Marks in The Hunt activity, and can be exchanged for a range of rewards including weapons, minions, and accessories.

By chasing down and killing elusive Hunt targets, players earn Allied Seals, which can then be used to buy unique rewards.

You can see how many Allied Seals you currently have by checking the “battle” tab of the currency window.

We have a more fleshed out guide to the basics of hunting, but I’ll skim through the basics of how to start collecting your own Allied Seals here.

It’s important to note that Allied Seals are only awarded for completing Hunts from A Realm Reborn.

Hunts from further expansions do not provide them as a reward. And it makes sense, seeing as these Hunts are provided by your Grand Company – which ceases to be as relevant as you progress.


What’s The Best Way To Farm Allied Seals?

Kill Marks – generally A and S Rank targets offer the biggest rewards, but these are on long respawn timers, and rely on players or hunt trains finding them before they get killed.

If you’re keen on hunting, it’s generally wise to join a hunting Discord or cross-world Linkshell, which allow players to relay the location of rare Marks to each other.

It’s also possible to earn Marks by playing the Blue Mage job.

After completing the level 50 job quest, you’ll have access to the Blue Mage exclusive “Masked Carnivale” event, which you can gain entry to in Ul’dah.

By completing challenges in this event you’ll be able to earn Allied Seals, cash, and tomestones.

There’s even a first time bonus that provides a neat increase to your rewards, too!

Additionally, you can net yourself some more Allied Seals by completing the Blue Mage Log.

This becomes available at level 60, and is geared towards party play.

This essentially challenges you to go into certain dungeons or trials to clear them as a Blue Mage.

Every week, certain entries in the log will be tagged with a gold or silver star. This designates them as targets that week, and they can be taken down for increased rewards.

These log challenges are great if you have a party for them, but can be a bit of a drag otherwise.

But farming Allied Seals as a Blue Mage can be a bit more reliable than chasing down Hunt targets, so it’s really just a question of where you’d like to invest your time.

You can even do them side by side for a constant influx of Allied Seals.


What Can I Use Allied Seals For?

You can cash in your Allied Seals with your Grand Company’s Hunt Billmaster.

Their location will depend on which of the three Grand Companies you’re currently allied with: Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, or Ul’dah.

But it’s well worth gathering some Allied Seals either way. You can exchange them for riding maps (one time purchases that let your mount move faster in A Realm Reborn zones), minions, relic weapon components, and aetheryte tickets for free teleportation.

You can also acquire Venture Coins, which allows you to dispatch your retainers on missions.

Blue Mages have their own Allied Seal Vendor: Maudlin Latool Ja, who can be found in Ul’dah, near the Miner guild aetheryte shard.

You can pick up gear, a minion, an emote, and orchestrion rolls as rewards, along with Battle Materia.

As you can probably tell, the rewards from the Blue Mage vendor aren’t as significantly useful, at least not in the long run.

But seeing as you can earn the Allied Seals currency from both sources, it’s a perfectly valid option to farm them with your Blue Mage and spend them at the Hunt Billmaster.

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