FFXIV Alligator Pears (Locations + Common Uses)

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Also called “Shroud butter” by Eorzeans, alligator pears can be found by botanists in gathering nodes labeled “Lv30 Mature Tree” in the South Shroud. To get to these trees, take the aetheryte to Quarrymill in Silent Arbor and travel a short distance East to coordinates (X:26.2, Y:19.0).

The area where these gathering points appear is generally safe.

The most common mobs you’ll find here are level 26 antelope stags that are not aggressive. However, if you lose track of where you are, you may end up in a Redbelly Hive camp full of level 27 enemies – and those guys aren’t quite as friendly as the antelope stags.

Aside from gathering, Alligator Pears can also be obtained from botany exploration ventures, so don’t forget to ask your retainers to lend you a hand in farming.

Harvesting the pears yourself is the more efficient method for farming. But you can do this simultaneously with your retainer ventures to maximize productivity.


Pairing Up for Pears

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So how do we get our retainers to help us out in farming alligator pears?

First off, you’ll need to set your retainer’s class to botanist.

To do this you’ll need to have botanist unlocked yourself. Also keep in mind that your current level on any class will be the maximum level your retainer can achieve on that same class.

So if your botanist is at level 25, then your retainer will cap at level 25.

The option for gathering alligator pears through your retainer becomes available once they hit level 30 on botanist. So once you meet this prerequisite, you can call your retainer from a summoning bell and assign them the task of gathering more alligator pears.

These types of ventures take an hour to complete by default, but you can bring that time down to 40 minutes by leveling up your NPC assistant.

The number of pears they bring back will range between 15 to 50, depending on their perception stat.

Having a perception of 206 (or more) will guarantee a return of 50 pears each run.


What Are Alligator Pears Used For?

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Alligator pears are used in two dishes made by culinarians.

Here’s all the ingredients needed to craft these two dishes:

Alligator Salad (Level 31)

  • 1 Alligator Pear
  • 1 Paprika
  • 1 Table Salt
  • 1 Dark Vinegar
  • 1 Olive Oil
  • 1 Blue Cheese
  • 3 Fire Shards
  • 3 Water Shards

Salmon Muffin (Level 70 Master Recipe)

  • 1 Ishgardian Muffin
  • 1 Lordly Salmon
  • 1 Cieldalaes Spinach
  • 1 Alligator Pear
  • 1 Reunion Cheese
  • 2 Fire Clusters
  • 2 Water Clusters

Food items in FFXIV are used to give the player stat buffs, as well as a 3% increase in experience points gained for 30 minutes.

The duration of the effect can be increased to 60 minutes by consuming multiple items.

From the recipes above, the Alligator Salad increases stats used by Disciples of the Land, focusing on Perception and GP.

On the other hand, Salmon Muffins increase stats used by battle classes by buffing up one’s Direct Hit Rate, Vitality, and Determination.

The alligator Pear itself can also be consumed without cooking it, but it only provides the 3% experience points increase.

Alligator Pears are also used to complete the level 30 botanist class quest “What Nature Giveth”. This quest requires you to collect 15 alligator pears and turn them over to Fufucha in the Botanists’ Guild.

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