Where To Farm Apkallu Down in FFXIV (Location + Uses)

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Apkallu Down is a cloth-type item that drops from enemies called Apkallu. These are bird-like creatures with mostly green and white feathers, and a large yellow beak.

These mobs can be found along the shores of Eastern La Noscea. Here’s where you’ll want to go:

  • Take the aetheryte to Costa del Sol
  • Then head south to (X:29.9, Y:34.8) into an area called Bloodshore

The Apkallu are level 30 monsters that are passive in nature, so they will only become hostile if you attack first.

However, that there are level 32 Snippers nearby that are aggressive.

Another thing to look out for are FATEs that can spawn more aggressive monsters.

There are two that may show up in this area:

  • “Crab and Go”
  • “It’s Not Lupus”

Aside from farming mobs, other ways of obtaining Apkallu Down include retainer ventures as well as item desynthesis.

But there are plenty of Apkallu that spawn in Bloodshore, so going out to hunt them yourself is a solid way of farming their down.


Alternative: Retainer Requests

Retainers can be tasked by players to go on ventures to either gain experience or gather items. There are different kinds of ventures, and some of them require your retainers to be set to certain classes, but there are two that you can consider when looking to stock up on Apkallu Down.

The first type of venture that can provide you with Apkallu Down is the Hunting Exploration venture.

These types of ventures are for retainers that are Disciples of War or Magic, and let you choose a specific item for them to go out and collect.

Hunting Exploration ventures usually take an hour to complete, but this can be reduced to 40 minutes by increasing your retainer’s level.

The venture for Apkallu Down has a minimum level requirement of 45, and it can give you between 5-15 pieces of down.

The second kind of venture you can try is the Field Exploration IX venture, which requires a retainer of at least level 40.

Field exploration ventures are not ideal for farming though, since they take 18 hours to complete, and the items brought back are random.

These ventures are primarily for leveling up retainers over anything else.


Alternative #2: Desynthesis

Carbuncle Armchair screenshot / FFXIV
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Desynthesis is a feature that lets you break down certain items into different components.

It can be unlocked by Disciples of the Hand who are at least level 30 by completing the quest “Gone to Pieces” from Syntgoht in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.0, Y:10.0).

Items obtained from desynthesis are usually ones that are used in crafting the original item. However, it’s more common to desynthesize items that require several different components to craft.

So while it is true that you have a good idea on what you might get from breaking down certain items, there’s no guarantee which one you’ll actually get.

Here are the items that have a chance of yielding Apkallu Down when desynthesized:

  • Carbuncle Armchair (Leatherworker)
  • South Seas Armchair (Weaver)
  • Stuffed Chocobo (Weaver)
  • Stuffed Mandragora Queen (Weaver)

Crafting With Apkallu Down

Nana Bear Minion Close-up Screenshot / FFXIV
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There’s a good number of recipes that use Apkallu Down, a majority of which are furnishings.

Among these items there are several chairs, beds, and stuffed toys, but perhaps the most notable one is the Nana Bear minion.

The Nana Bear is an adorable little companion that’s crafted from a level 50 weaver master recipe.

And if you’re after this minion for yourself, here’s what it’s made with:

  • 99 lightning shards
  • 1 arachne web
  • 1 cashmere cloth
  • 3 apkallu down
  • 1 silk thread
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