FFXIV Bat Fang Guide (Locations & Farming Tips)

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Bat fangs are dropped by a variety of bat-type monsters found throughout the game. One of the first possible encounters you can have with one of these mobs is with the Cave Bats found in the Blind Iron Mines in Lower La Noscea (X:25.9 Y:15.3).

Cave Bats are definitely the first point you can farm Bat Fangs – but we’ll add a more detailed list of all the bat-type monsters below.

Bat fangs can also be obtained through retainer ventures, desynthesis, or by purchasing them from NPC merchants – specifically these two merchants:

  • Aistan – Goldsmiths’ Guild (X:10.6, Y:13.2)
  • Esmenet – Alchemists’ Guild (X:9.0, Y:13.6)

If you have a bit of extra time on your hands and are trying to save gil, then hunting the monsters yourself would be your best bet.


The Many Different Bats of Eorzea

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As mentioned above, there are plenty of different bats you can find across the realm.

They range from level 4 up to level 48.

Below we’ll list the different bats you can find roaming about the wilds of Eorzea:

Black Bat (Levels 20-24) – East Shroud, The Bramble Patch (X:16, Y:23)
Cave Bat (Level 7) – Lower La Noscea, Blind Iron Mines (X:26, Y:15)
Dusk Bat (Levels 15-19) – Western La Noscea, Skull Valley (X:24, Y:22)

Lesser Kalong (various levels):

  • (Level 35-36) – South Shroud, Snakemolt (X:25.3, Y:22.3)
  • (Level 35-39) – North Shroud, Alder Springs (X:24, Y:23)
  • (Level 45-47) – South Shroud, Urth’s Gift (X:28, Y:22)
  • (Level 46-48) – North Shroud, Proud Creek (X:22, Y:20.8)

Sun Bat (various levels):

  • (Level 10) – Central Thanalan, Black Brush (X:25, Y:16)
  • (Level 10-14) Central Thanalan, The Clutch (X:25, Y:19)

But some bats aren’t as easily found wandering around.

Some are found in dungeons, while others only spawn under certain conditions.

Here’s a list of these alternate bats:

Black Bat (Level 15) – Found in the dungeon “Sastasha”
Cave Bat (Level 4) – Spawned from the FATE “Caving In” in Lower La Noscea (X:27, Y:17)
Sand Bat (Level 38) – Found in the dungeon “Cutter’s Cry”
Temple Bat (Level 35) – Found in the dungeon “The Sunken Temple of Qarn”
Wingrat (Level 20-24) – Spawned from the level 20 levequest “A Little Constructive Exorcism” from Cedrepierre in the East Shroud (X:16.3, Y:27.6)

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Getting Bat Fangs From NPCs

Aistan and Esmenet are NPCs located in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal that sell bat fangs for 25 gil each.

Aistan can be found in the Goldsmiths’ Guild (X:10.6, Y:13.2)
Esmenet can be found in the Alchemists’ Guild (X:9.0, Y:13.6)

Aside from these two vendors, merchant NPCs such as the Namazu Material Supplier and Allagan Resupply Node can be placed within player housing. These merchants also carry bat fangs for 25 gil.

And there is another type of NPC that’s able to provide you with these fangs – the ones under your employ!

Like many other items in the game, your retainers can be sent out to farm these fangs for you.

There’s a chance of obtaining bat fangs from the 18-hour Level 5 Field Exploration Venture, but obtaining this item is not guaranteed.

Field exploration ventures are primarily given to retainers to level them up with a huge boost in experience points. Also, 18 hours is a long time to wait for your NPC companion to come back.

Sending retainers out on Hunting Exploration Ventures will be more efficient, since you can choose what specific item you want them to go farm and bring back. The option for bat fangs requires your retainer to be at least level 10 in a Disciple of War or Magic class.

Hunting Exploration Ventures take between 40 to 60 minutes to complete depending on your retainer’s level.

The quantity of the item(s) they bring back also depends on their item level (ilvl), and that can range from 5 to 15.


What Are Bat Fangs Used For?

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These pieces of bat teeth are used to craft the following items:

  • Amateur’s Needle (Level 12 Goldsmith)
  • Bat Fang Needle (Level 16 Goldsmith)
  • Decorated Bone Staff (Level 13 Goldsmith)
  • Fang Earrings (Level 15 Goldsmith)
  • Fang Necklace (Level 17 Goldsmith)
  • Potion of Dexterity (Level 17 Alchemist)
  • Velveteen Bandana (Level 25 Weaver)
  • Weak Blinding Potion (Level 21 Alchemist)

Of these 8 items, the 5 crafted with goldsmithing can be broken down with desynthesis for a chance at obtaining more bat fangs.

But note that desynthesis results are random and may not always yield the item you’re looking for.

So if you really want to farm more fangs, then simply buying them or going after drops are your best methods.

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