How To Unlock the Battle Stance Emote in FFXIV

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The Battle Stance emote is unlocked by completing the level 60 Main Scenario Quest “Causes and Costs”. This is part of the post-Heavensward line of quests called “The Gears of Change”, more commonly referred to by players as Patch 3.2.

The quest begins by speaking with Alphinaud in the Coerthas Western Highlands (X:32.6, Y:37.7).

The actual quest itself is pretty simple since all you have to do is follow the quest markers, speak to some NPCs, and watch a few cutscenes.

Once the quest is completed, you’ll be rewarded with an Item Level 240 gear set of your choosing, gil, a small amount of experience points, and an achievement along with the Battle Stance emote.


Quick Walkthrough for “Causes and Costs”

Causes and Costs Cutscene / FFXIV
Causes and Costs Cutscene

After accepting the quest from Alphinaud, you’ll be directed to Camp Dragonhead in the Coerthas Central Highlands. Take the aetheryte there and speak to the House Fortemps Guard at (X:26.7, Y:17.0) to enter the intercessory.

Once you’re inside, you’ll see your destination marker right in front of you. Click on it to trigger a cutscene while waiting for Alphinaud.

When the cutscene ends, Alphinaud will still be standing next to you. Speak to him to continue the quest.

Next, you’ll need to head back to The Foundation. Teleport there then use the aethernet and select the Last Vigil.

As you may already know by now, the Last Vigil aethernet shard will take you right outside Fortemps Manor. Speak with Alphinaud one more time at (X:11.5, Y:11.1) to complete the quest.


Using the Battle Stance Emote

Ninja Battle Stance / FFXIV
Ninja Battle Stance

Unlocking the Battle Stance emote does not involve the use of an item. Instead, it is automatically unlocked right after completing the quest “Causes and Costs”.

To perform the emote, type in /battlestance or /bstance into your chat bar.

The text “You ready for battle” will also show up in the chat after entering this command.

Just like the Victory Pose emote, each job will have its very own unique battle stance.

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