15 Best Dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV (Ranked)

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FFXIV ix one of the most popular MMO’s in the world, and for good reason. It has a ton of content including high-end raids, beast tribes, and perhaps most importantly: dungeons!

Final Fantasy XIV now features over 70 dungeons that you can grab your friends and explore.

You’ll get awesome gear, weapons, and encounter all kinds of monsters and biomes.

So what are the best dungeons of the game? Well that’s what this ranking is all about.

Here are (in my opinion) the best dungeons worth exploring in Final Fantasy XIV!


15. The Aurum Vale

The Aurum Vale Dungeon in FF14

I know what you’re thinking, you’re probably outraged. “The Aurum Vale!? That’s one of the most annoying dungeons in the game!” Except I want you to ask yourself… is it really?

Hear me out on this.

Take a moment and consider how useful the dungeon is.

How many classes did you, personally, take up to level 50 by grinding the beginning of it? Just by killing the monsters in the first room, you end up with a ton of XP!

That’s why The Aurum Vale makes this list.

It might not have been people’s favorite. But it was useful and memorable.

It’ll always hold a special place in my heart. And I’ll never forget the fanfare music when my White Mage hit level 50!


14. Pharos Sirius

Pharos Sirius FFXIV Dungeon

Pharos Sirius is just… cool.

It’s an abandoned lighthouse that can no longer be used because it’s been invaded by monsters.

You enter and climb up, slaying baddies the whole way up. Sounds like your standard dungeon right?

Well this dungeon had something special though. This dungeon had music throughout it.

Most of the dungeons before this one were mostly silence or the usual game music. Pharos Sirius had its own music!

This might not sound like a big deal, but trust me it was.

This caused a surge of fans to beg for more dungeon music on the official forums. Square-Enix listened, and since then many dungeons have gotten their own themes.

Also, you got to fight Siren at the end, which was pretty awesome.


13. The Lost City Of Amdapor

The Lost City Of Amdapor from FFXIV

The Lost City Of Amdapor was always one of my favorite early dungeons.

You had to beat the MSQ to access it, but it was well worth it for the aesthetic alone.

Once you entered The Lost City you’d be treated to one of the most hauntingly beautiful dungeons in the game. The dungeon is equally parts creepy and beautiful as you explore the ruins of the abandoned city.

Also, this one is full of spores and moths, which is pretty yucky but adds to that creepy vibe.


12. Xelphatol

Xelphatol in Final Fantasy XIV

Xelphatol is a dungeon originally introduced in the Heavensward expansion.

It has a pretty spiffy theme and has you storming an Ixali base.

What makes the concept so cool is that you’re essentially racing to prevent them from summoning Garuda.

The bosses in this dungeon feature some really cool mechanics, and it ends with a sick fight.

You’ll fight an Ixali priest who actually succeeds in summoning the primal. And during the fight, Garuda will drop in and you’ll have to contend with her as well.


11. Snowcloak

Snowcloak Dungeon in FF14

Snowcloak will surely be a favorite if you’re one of the many people who appreciate snow levels in video games.

You’ll climb the snowy mountain and wade through monsters and snow, all while ice crystals glow.

There’s also a really awesome boss here who has you pushing snowballs into him to defeat him.

As with the last few entries, the music plays a big factor in this dungeon’s placement as well. It really has you feeling like you’re alone in the wilderness.


10. Shisui Of The Violet Tides

Shisui Of The Violet Tides in FFXIV

Shisui Of The Violet Tides is the first dungeon you’ll encounter in Stormblood – provided you’re paying attention.

As awesome as this dungeon is, it’s also easy to skip since it’s optional while going through the MSQ. I wouldn’t skip it though!

Everything takes place underwater, deep below The Ruby Sea. You’ll storm a palace while trying to rescue a princess from demons. The whole thing is very dramatic.

The dungeon transitions are very smooth, too.

And the music is very traditional Japanese, and is a great introduction to the East. It’s also one of the most beautiful dungeons in the game, popping with color at every turn.

This dungeon also introduced one of the most coveted sets of gear in the game. It was so good, in fact, that Square-Enix made proxies of them later on in the game’s lifespan.


9. The Antitower

The Antitower FFXIV Dungeon

The Antitower is one of those dungeons everyone remembers maybe a little too well.

It was one of the most common dungeons for the expert roulette during its time. That’s because the dungeon is actually incredibly quick to run through.

The Antitower is a former Sharlyan study site, but is now abandoned, as are many of the dungeons in Final Fantasy XIV.

Even though the tower is abandoned, I can promise you that the tower hasn’t abandoned its charm.

You’ll get to listen to some smooth jazz as you go through it, and you’ll walk on walls and stuff. Sharlyans didn’t care much for the laws of physics.

The best part is the fanservice of the final boss, though.

Yeah, you’ll fight some horrifying dolls from Final Fantasy IV.


8. The Vault

The Vault in Final Fantasy XIV

The Vault was actually kind of a scary dungeon when Heavensward first released.

It had a bit of difficulty to it, which was unusual of dungeons back then. The Vault showed players all of the things that made Ishgard beautiful.

The large, gothic halls lead you along as you fight your way through the knights of Ishgard. There’s nothing like it anywhere else in the entire game.

If that wasn’t reason enough, the dungeon actually leads to one of the most emotional cutscenes of the entire game. Nay, the whole Final Fantasy franchise.

A smile better suits a hero, after all.


7. Kugane Castle

Kugane Castle FFXIV Dungeon

This is another traditional Japanese dungeon through and through.

You’ll go through and admire the Doman architecture and the traditional Japanese decorations. I’m talking Tatami floors, Japanese lanterns, and those awesome indoor bridges.

You’ll also encounter traditional Japanese enemy types.

Mostly you’ll fight Ninja and Samurai as you work your way through to the innermost parts of the castle. That’s where you’re hit with some fan service and an awesome boss mechanic.

And you’ll also encounter the traditional Final Fantasy boss Yojimbo. To lower the damage he deals out, you’ll need to run around and pick up the gold scattered around.

Because we all know Yojimbo doesn’t work for free.


6. The Swallow’s Compass

The Swallow’s Compass in FFXIV

Okay, I know there’s a lot of these on the list… but this is another traditional Japanese dungeon.

And it’s fantastic.

You’ll go through all kinds of different areas including a temple and an aquarium. Trust me when I say it’s really, really cool.

And the real reason this dungeon is so cool?

Because of the final boss!

Swallow’s Compass has you fight against the monkey king from Japanese mythology. Well, not the real one, the FFXIV equivalent. Which is just as awesome!


5. Akademia Anyder

Akademia Anyder Dungeon in FF14

We’re in the top 5 now, the best of the best!

Shadowbringers has some of the best dungeons in the game, period. This one is no exception.

Akademia Anyder has you running through what is basically a university. A university that has test subjects. That escape.

Just like The Great Gubal Library, you’ll get to listen to some smooth jazz as you go through this area. And it sports one of the more interesting layouts to a dungeon.

It actually almost feels like a city, which is impressive considering it’s also basically a university.


4. Tam-Tamra Deepcroft (Hard)

Tam-Tamra Deepcroft (Hard) in FFXIV

Now this is by far the spookiest dungeon in the game.

It ties into a story from far earlier in the game, and from the moment you enter you’ll have reason to be terrified.

It actually wraps up the aforementioned storyline.

This dungeon is also one that promotes teamwork in its mechanics, making it one of the more fun dungeons to play through.

Just like the others on this list, the music here is fun too. And beating this dungeon can even lead to a cool easter egg.

Once you complete it you have the chance to see Edda’s ghost somewhere in Eorzea, which is pretty neat.


3. The Ghimlyt Dark

The Ghimlyt Dark FFXIV Dungeon

The Ghimlyt Dark is by far one of the coolest dungeons in the game.

It puts you on the front lines of the war against Garlemald, letting you see the horrors for yourself. As you fight your way through the trenches you’ll battle Garleans alongside other NPC’s.

The final boss fight of this dungeon is a doozy, too.

It has some unique mechanics and just oozes personality. The siblings you fight are willing to lay their lives down for their homeland, and even high five when they swap out.

I like The Ghimlyt Dark because it helps put the war into perspective as you see everything literally burning down around you.


2. The Twinning

The Twinning in Final Fantasy XIV

The Twinning is the perfect example of a dungeon that could have been incredibly boring.

It’s a reused area, after all.

We had three entire 24-man raids dedicated to the Crystal tower, so why did we need a dungeon too?

Luckily it ended up being the complete opposite of boring.

As you delve into the deepest parts of the tower to investigate a disturbance, you learn how much the Crystal Tower has changed.

Seeing the changes in the tower is definitely a highlight.

The final boss here is just a reskin of Alexander, but it was really cool. The music was banging too, and if you look closely in the boss’s room there’s some cool stuff all over the walls.

It looks like you might be seeing different time periods or dimensions.

I wonder if the Warriors Of Light and their fight with Alexander is up there.


1. Amaurot

Amaurot Dungeon in FF14

We all knew the best dungeon had to be Amaurot. It was an epic conclusion to Shadowbringers.

I barely even know where to start with how amazing this dungeon is, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

The dungeon, as you go through it, conveys the story of Emet Selch’s homeworld and its destruction.

It’s a deep dive into the villain’s motivations and helps us understand him better.

But it doesn’t deter us from slaying him, though.

As you power through you’ll see a world literally come to an end. During the final boss, you actually see the planet from space and watch as it burns.

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