14 Best Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV (And How To Get Them)

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Final Fantasy XIV has gone and captured the hearts of millions of players. So many have really come to call Eorzea home, and are practically living double lives inside of the game.

And it’s partially because all the choices are yours.

Do you want to be the Warrior of Light and save the world? Go ahead.

Want to spend hours doing nothing but fishing? Yep, you can do that too.

Or do you want to collect awesome mounts you can ride and show off to all your friends? Well Final Fantasy XIV has hundreds to collect.

There are just so many awesome mounts in this game, but today we’re going to take a look at some of the best ones. Well, the best ones in my opinion, I should say.

So let’s go, Kupo!


14. Indigo Whale

Indigo Whale Mount in FF14

I’m not planning on including a ton of mounts that are from the Mog Station, just one or two, but this one deserves a special mention.

This guy is HUGE!

At one point he was the biggest mount in the game, and I think he still is.

You can stun your friends with this massive whale, cruising around Eorzea on this veritable behemoth. Not that this guy is an actual behemoth, since y’know, there are actual behemoths in Eorzea.

Still, this whale is heckin’ impressive!

Or if you want to be a real pain you could park your brand new whale right over a market board or mailbox, preventing players from clicking it. Some people even used him to try and secure houses by blocking off the placard.

How to get: This Indigo Whale is available from the Mog Station cash shop for the low, low (ha) price of $29.99. Easily worth it based on size alone.


13. Marid

Marid in Final Fantasy XIV

Marid is an elephant. That’s it. Just an elephant.

But, c’mon, riding elephants is a staple of the fantasy genre.

Remember when Sam sees elephants for the first time in LOTR? Not to mention, how cool would you look riding atop this bad boy?

If you’re not convinced yet, wait until you hear this next tidbit. Marid can fly!

Okay, so every mount can fly in FFXIV, basically… but not all mounts are an elephant. You’ll be a real boss when you hop on your flying elephant and just zoom around the skies of Eorzea.

He’s also just really cute.

How to get: Getting Marid will require a little bit of work. You’ll have to reach rank 7 with the Ananta Beast Tribe and then purchase him for 18 Ananta Dreamstaff (skim our guide for more info).


12. Midgardsormr

Midgardsormr FFXIV Mount

Midgardsormr isn’t just a mount in Final Fantasy XIV, as he actually plays a huge role in the story.

You actually see him as a little baby dragon too, who pops in and out as needed. Later on, during Heavensward, he assumes a more… teenage form?

Definitely not his adult form, as that one is absolutely massive.

Midgardsormr is one of the cooler-looking dragons in the game, too. When Heavensward was first released it was Midgardsormr City, everyone was running around in their cool new dragon mount.

I wish I had a dragon…

How to get: Midgardsormr is one of the easier mounts on this list to obtain, since you’ll get him from the main story quest. Near the end of the Heavensward story quests, he’ll just be handed to you. Nifty!


11. Nightmare

Nightmare in FFXIV

Nightmare is a black unicorn, which is already cool.

But this isn’t just any black unicorn. There’s a nostalgia factor attached to this particular black unicorn.

Nightmare is a Final Fantasy enemy that dates all the way back to the original game. I played the games out of order, and seeing him pop up after having already gotten him in XIV was a pretty amazing experience.

These days Nightmare is a lot more common. But if you’re a veteran Final Fantasy XIV player, you know the pain of the hunt.

The drop rate on Nightmare was absolutely abysmal, and you really had to participate in some grueling battles to get him.

How to get: Nightmare can be acquired as a drop from Garuda, Ifrit or Titan savage. That’s The Howling Eye (Extreme), The Bowl Of Embers (Extreme) and The Navel (Extreme)


10. Starlight Bear

Starlight Bear Mount in FF14

You know what I love about Final Fantasy XIV’s mounts? They’ll do pretty much anything.

You can never guess what mount is going to become available next.

We’ve ridden elephants, dragons, and now with the Starlight Bear, a bear.

This bear is very special though, as he’s wearing a Santa outfit. Minus the beard, of course.

Can you imagine a bear with a beard? That would just be ridiculous. My favorite part about this bear is how tiny the hat is sitting on his head. He’s definitely cute, but I still wouldn’t mess with him.

How to get: To get this mount you can use one of two methods. You can travel back to 2017 and participate in the Starlight Celebration event or pick him up for $12 from the Mog Station.


9. Demi-Ozma

Demi-Ozma FFXIV Mount

A lot of the best mounts in Final Fantasy XIV have a nostalgia factor attached to them.

And this one is no different.

Ozma is actually a secret boss that originally appeared in Final Fantasy IX. He was hell to deal with, and he wasn’t much easier in Final Fantasy XIV.

Ozma appears in the 24 man raid: The Weeping City Of Mhach. Ozma was no joke, but to be fair neither were the other bosses from that raid.

The raid, upon release, was so difficult that players started calling it The Weeping City.

I know that I cried many times upon queueing up for it…

How to get: To get Demi-Ozma you’ll have to acquire the “We’re On Your Side I” achievement which will see you tackle The Baldesion Arsenal in Eureka.


8. Archon Throne

Archon Throne in FFXIV

I can just imagine the sales pitch on this mount.

“Do you want to feel like royalty!? Well now you can with the BRAND-NEW Archon Throne!” and I laugh every time.

That’s not far off though, considering the fact that not only can you get your own throne, but you can ride it!

I’ll be honest, the throne looks more like a chair to me. But I’ll allow it.

It’s still cool to have because I mean, how many people can say they have their own throne?

How to get: You can purchase the Archon Throne from the Manderville Gold Saucer for 750,000 MGP.


7. Battle Panther

Battle Panther FFXIV Mount

There are a handful of mounts in Final Fantasy XIV that you can get in almost the same way, and they’re all pretty cool.

I limited myself to just one of these “battle” mounts though, picking the one that’s (in my opinion) the coolest.

The Battle Panther blows the other battle mounts of the water, Warriors of Light.

The Battle Panther is a panther that’s ready for battle!

This might seem obvious, but you’ll spill buckets of blood, fighting through countless adventurers to get this mount. Then he’ll remain loyal at your side and spill blood with you.

And the Battle Panther looks almost futuristic, like he’s covered in armor plating. He’s also decked out in red which just makes him stand out even more.

How to get: To get the Battle Panther you’ll have to complete 300 dungeons, extreme trials, 50/60 roulette, or leveling roulette duties and you’ll have to do them all as a Dark Knight.


6. Cloud Mallow

Cloud Mallow in FFXIV

The Cloud Mallow is the comfiest mount on this list, I think.

It’s a big, white fluffy ball.

These huge balls actually grow naturally in the Churning Mists, but the ones you ride are special.

They’ve basically been selectively bred to be stronger, allowing adventurers to ride on them.

Truth be told, players wanted to ride them from the moment they saw them. They made it known, too, and the developers rewarded us all.

Now it’s not just Moogles that can ride atop these huge fluffy balls of comfiness.

How to get: You can purchase it for 200,000 Gil after reaching Rank 7 with the Moogles!


5. Demonic Lanner

Demonic Lanner Mount in FF14

The Demonic Lanner is a terrifying-looking bird with red feathers sprinkled in with the black.

According to the Final Fantasy XIV lore, you don’t want to catch sight of this bird.

It’s believed that the God Zurvan would send this bird out to warn enemies of their impending deaths. Yikes.

Even worse than seeing crows, if you ask me, since crows don’t have Zurvan backing them up.

How to get: To get the Demonic Lanner you could get lucky while defeating Zurvan in the Containment Bay Z1T1 (Extreme). If not, you’ll have to beat him 99 times to get enough totems to trade for the Demonic Lanner Whistle


4. Dhalmel

Dhalmel FFXIV Mount

The Dhalmel looks, essentially, like Eorzea’s version of a camel.

It’s not impressive looking, yet the story about why it can fly is.

The legend says that a Dhalmel fell while eating a tree, and its desire to live awakened its latent flying abilities.

Or at the very least, the journal entry says that’s what we’re going with. I laugh every freaking time I read that.

How to get: The Dhalmel is one of many potential rewards from the Kupo of Fortune


3. Pteranodon

Pteranodon in Final Fantasy XIV

The Pteranodon is Eorzea’s Pterodactyl, and it’s really freaking cool.

This thing is intimidating and will scare your friends into doing your bidding for sure. Riding on extinct creatures is also on my bucket list, so I might be biased towards this one.

This creature was actually tamed from the wilds by giving it food, because of course it was.

I guess if someone fed me I’d drive them around, too.

How to get: You’ll have to complete the “Castle In The Sky” achievement to get the Pteranodon. That means getting 500,000 points as every disciple of hand and land.


2. Lunar Kamuy

Lunar Kamuy Mount in FF14

Everyone knows that dog is man’s best friend.

And though these guys aren’t exactly dogs, that’s what we FFXIV players call them.

Farming for dogs became common during Stormblood, since those were the kind of mounts that the trials from that expansion dropped.

The fight you can get the Lunar Kamuy from is pretty tragic, too. Okay, emotionally devastating is more like it.

They say the Lunar Kamuy was created when a wild wolf was bathed in the aether of a reborn goddess.

How to get: You’ll have to get the Lunar Kamuy as a drop from The Minstrel’s Ballad: Tsukuyomi’s Pain, or get enough totems from the fight to buy it.


1. Ramuh

Ramuh FFXIV Mount

If riding a throne makes you royalty, does riding a God make you one too?

That’s what you have to ask yourself when you hop on your brand new Ramuh mount.

The absolutely bonkers moral ramifications of enslaving a God speak for themselves, but at least you’ll look cool.

Now this is the horse-legged version of Ramuh, but thankfully that beard is intact.

Players have theorized about what’s hiding under that beard, even wondering if that was where the original Ramuh kept the horse mount.

If regular Ramuh hides a mount in his beard, what does mount Ramuh hide in his?

How to get: This is a tough one, since you’ll have to beat Eden’s Verse: Refulgence (Savage)

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