FFXIV Bozjan Gear: Where To Get + Is It Worth It?

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As you battle through the Bozjan Southern Front, Bozjan Armor gearsets will become available by purchasing them with Bozjan coins. Being level 80 sets with an item level of 495, they aren’t really worth getting if you’re looking for optimal stats.

At level 80, you’ll have plenty of other options for equipment that aren’t difficult to obtain.

However, if you are going through Bozja content for any reason (grinding Resistance Weapons, farming lockboxes, or as an alternative means of leveling up a class), then you could pick up some Bozjan Armor to help save up on some of your other resources.

You can also use the Bozja set as glam pieces if you like the way they look.


How To Unlock the Bozjan Southern Front

Bozjan Resistance Camp on Gangos / FFXIV
Bozjan Resistance Camp on Gangos

Of course, before you can obtain Bozjan Armor, you’ll first need to gain access to the Bozjan Southern Front.

Here’s a quick step-by-step walkthrough on how to enter Bozja:

  1. Complete the level 80 post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quest “Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty”
  2. Travel to Rhalgr’s Reach and speak with the Ironworks Engineer at (X:11.8, Y:11.8) to accept the quest “The Bozja Incident”
  3. Head to the Doman Enclave and ask after Cid by speaking with the Airship Pilot at (X:9.0, Y:8.7)
  4. Talk to Mikoto at Gangos (X:6.2, Y:5.9)
  5. This will trigger a pretty lengthy Solo Duty where you will be accompanied by Cid and Mikoto
  6. After you’ve cleared the instance and watched all the cutscenes, speak with Marsak to complete “The Bozja Incident”
  7. Accept the quest “Fire in the Forge” from Gerolt in Gangos (X:6.3, Y:5.0)
  8. When you’re done speaking with Gerolt, travel to Kugane and wait for Rowena at the Umineko Teahouse (X:11.2, Y:9.8)
  9. Return to Gerolt in Gangos to deliver the Thavnairian scalepowder, completing “Fire in the Forge”
  10. Look for Marsak in Gangos (X:6.4, Y:5.7) to accept the quest “Where Eagles Nest”
  11. Next, head over to Gangos (X:5.5, Y:5.4) to speak with Sjeros
  12. Speaking with Sjeros will grant you access to the Bozjan Southern Front, but to finish “Where Eagles Nest”, you’ll need to speak to Bajsaljen and Mikoto within Utya’s Aegis a couple of times

How To Earn Bozjan Coins

Resistance Supplier in Bozja / FFXIV
Resistance Supplier in Bozja

Bozjan gear can be purchased from the Resistance Supplier NPC in the Bozjan Southern Front (X:15.3, Y:29.9).

  • Head, hand, and foot equipment will cost you 14 Bozjan Coins each
  • Body and leg equipment will cost you 28 Bozjan Coins apiece.

You can earn Bozjan Coins by participating in FATEs that pop up throughout the Bozjan Southern Front, or by joining the raid on Castrum Lacus Litore.

You can also exchange extra Field Notes for Bozjan Coins through the Resistance Historian in Zadnor (X:34.5, Y:34.8).

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