Where To Buy Dyes in FFXIV

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There are several ways to obtain dyes in FFXIV, but buying them from Dye Vendors is definitely the easiest. The earliest NPC vendors you can come across in the game are:

  • Alaric in Old Gridania (X:14.3, Y:8.8)
  • Nanabe in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.2, Y:11.0)
  • Unsynrael in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:12.3)

Dyeing your gear is a huge part of one of FFXIV’s most popular features: glamours. Glamours allow you to change the appearance of your equipment so that you can go about your adventures in style.

However, you’ll need to complete a quest before you can start dyeing your equipment. This is a level 15 quest called “Color Your World” that can be accepted from Swyrgeim in Western Thanalan (X:12.6, Y:14.3).


Complete List of Dye Vendors

Nanabe in Ul'dah / FFXIV
Nanabe in Ul’dah
NPC Name Type Location Cost
Unsynrael Merchant Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:12.3) 40-216 gil
Alaric Merchant Old Gridania (X:14.3, Y:8.8) 40-216 gil
Nanabe Merchant Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.2, Y:11.0) 40-216 gil
Kasumi Merchant The Gold Saucer (X:7.2, Y:7.3) 40-216 gil
Frine Merchant The Pillars (X:6.0, Y:9.9) 40-216 gil
Eilonwy Merchant The Firmament (X:12.2, Y:14.20 40-216 gil
Tokohana Merchant Kugane (X:12.9, Y:12.2) 40-216 gil
Sylphic Vendor Tribal Vendor (Sylphs) East Shroud (X:22.3, Y:26.3) 334 gil or 1 Sylphic Goldleaf
Kobold Vendor Tribal Vendor (Kobolds) Outer La Noscea (X:21.6, Y:17.8) 334 gil or 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Amalj’aa Vendor Tribal Vendor (Amalj’aa) Southern Thanalan (X:23.3, Y:14.1) 216 gil or 1 Steel Amalj’ok
Sahagin Vendor Tribal Vendor (Sahagin) Western La Noscea (X:16.0, Y:22.20) 334 gil or 1 Rainbowtide Psashp
Ixali Vendor Tribal Vendor (Ixali) North Shroud (X:24.9, Y:22.7) 216 gil
Enie Scrip Exchange The Firmament (X:12.0, Y:14.0) 100 Skybuilder Scrips
Horrendous Hoarder Cowrie Exchange Unnamed Island (X:12.6, Y:28.3) 500 Seafarer’s Cowrie

Note: Not all vendors will have the same colors available for sale.


Other Ways of Obtaining Dye

If you’re looking for a specific shade of dye and can’t find it from any of these vendors, it might be obtained from other methods. Here’s a quick look at other ways to obtain dyes in FFXIV.


Alternate Method 1: Market Board

The Market Board in Gridania / FFXIV
The Market Board in Gridania

This is where you can buy items put up for sale by other players. Of course, this means that dye availability and prices will depend on your server.

Market Boards are usually found in the main cities within FFXIV.


Alternate Method 2: Retainer Venture

When you send your retainer out on a Quick Exploration venture, they have a small chance of bringing back a Venture Coffer.

Using a Venture Coffer will yield either a “General-purpose” dye or a Retainer Fantasia.


Alternate Method 3: Crafting

Inside the Alchemists' Guild / FFXIV
Inside the Alchemists’ Guild

Dyes are also craftable items in FFXIV. The colors you can craft will depend on what crafting class you are using.

Dye recipes are usually learned at level 30.


Alternate Method 4: Mog Station

Some dyes can be purchased through the Mog Station for $1 USD apiece. You also have the option of buying a stack of 10 dyes for $7.50 USD.

Of course, the downside to this is you’ll be shelling out some of your real hard-earned money.

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