FFXIV: What is Byregot’s Blessing & How Does It Work?

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Byregot’s Blessing is a crafting ability that unlocks at level 50 in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s available to Culinarians, Alchemists, Weavers, Leatherworkers, Goldsmiths, Armorers, Blacksmiths, and Carpenters.

So as you can see, basically every job that can make something has Byregot’s Blessing available.

Think of it like a combat job role action – it’s just something that your role learns at a certain level, regardless of your crafting specialist.

Of course, simply having the skill is useless unless you know when to employ it.

Byregot’s Blessing isn’t going to turn your crafting world inside out, but it can make life a bit easier from time to time.


What Does Byregot’s Blessing Do?

“Increases quality. Inner Quiet effect ends upon use.
Efficiency: 100% plus 20% for each bonus to control granted by Inner Quiet.
Success Rate: 100%”

That’s what the tooltip says – but how does that translate to plain English for novice crafters?

Crafting in XIV basically involves playing a mini-game.

You’ll be balancing increases in quality with decreasing durability – if the durability drops too much, the synthesis will fail. Performing most actions will decrease the durability gauge.

You can restore durability with the use of certain skills, but this costs you vital CP that could be used to increase the item’s quality.

High quality items are more valuable, so if you’re looking to profit from your time spent crafting, you want to reliably turn them out.

Byregot’s Blessing can increase quality.

If you have an Inner Quiet buff active at the time, it will consume that buff for a further increase in quality.

And since you can have up to nine Inner Quiet stacks at a time, this can result in a pretty big jump!


When Should I Use Byregot’s Blessing?

In simple terms, Byregot’s Blessing should be used at the end of the crafting process, when you no longer need the bonus to control that Inner Quiet offers.

Think of it as basically cashing in those Inner Quiet stacks for an increase to quality at the very last step of synthesis.

Whether or not you should use Byregot’s Blessing depends on how the rest of your crafting process has gone.

Is it time to put the final touches on Quality? Or do you need to claw some CP back to keep working on it?

If you want to deliver the final touch, it’s time to pop Byregot’s Blessing.


Who Is Byregot, Anyway?

Byregot is one of The Twelve, Eorzea’s pantheon of gods.

You’ll first see mention of Byregot in the character creation screen – he’s one of the Patron Deities you can pick.

The Patron Deity system itself has no kind of impact on your character’s development, but references to the gods within it are seen frequently throughout your travels.

Byregot is referenced again in Byregot’s Ward (a skill for Miners) and in Byregot’s Brow, another cross-job skill available at level 51.

Byregot is the Builder – patron saint of architects and industry.

So it’s an appropriate deity to name a crafting skill after!

These characters only really exist in XIV as lore, but they do permeate quite a lot of the world around us.

Next time you’re at the character creation screen, take a quick look at The Twelve.

You’ll realize the extent of their influence on Eorzea as we know it, even if we never meet them ourselves.

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