What To Do With Faded Orchestrion Rolls (FFXIV)

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Orchestrions are interactable objects in inn rooms, apartments, and player houses that allow you to listen to the various music tracks in the game. However, during your adventures you may notice faded copies of orchestrion rolls in your inventory.

So what do we do with these faded orchestrion rolls?

Restore them with alchemy!

Starting at level 30, alchemists can learn crafting recipes used to restore faded orchestrion rolls to their useable versions. You can either ask one of your alchemist friends to help you out with the restoration, or dabble in alchemy yourself.

This brief guide will cover everything to get you started.


Learning the Ways of Alchemy

The Alchemists' Guild / Final Fantasy XIV
The Alchemists’ Guild

If you decide to become an alchemist to restore your orchestrion rolls yourself, you can find the Alchemists’ Guild in Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:9.0, Y:13.0).

Once you enter the guild, look for Dietrich and accept the quest “Way of the Alchemist” to join their ranks.

Note: Having a Disciple of War or Magic at level 10 is the only prerequisite for becoming an Alchemist.

Once you start leveling up Alchemist, you’ll notice that each faded orchestrion roll has its own recipe for restoration. Some of these recipes will be learned as you level up your alchemist, while others are learned from the Master Alchemist books.

Master Alchemists I and II can be obtained from Talan in Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:6.8) in exchange for certain items. Later editions of Master Alchemist are bought from the various Scrip Exchange NPCs found throughout the game.

Talan in Mor Dhona / Final Fantasy XIV
Talan in Mor Dhona

While each orchestrion roll has its own recipe, you’ll find that the items needed to craft one are all pretty similar.

Restoring a faded orchestrion roll will typically require:

  • A blank orchestrion roll
  • A type of ink
  • Water
  • Lightning crystals
  • And of course, the faded orchestrion roll to be restored

Obtaining the Ingredients

Mining for Crystals / Final Fantasy XIV
Mining for Crystals

If you don’t want to run the risk of paying for overpriced ingredients on the market board, you can go ahead and collect the items yourself.

It may not be the fastest method, but it will definitely save you some gil.

Here’s how you can acquire the different items needed for crafting your orchestrion rolls.


Getting Crystals

Water Crystal / Final Fantasy XIV
Water Crystal

Just like other crafting recipes, orchestrion rolls require the use of crystals to be restored.

Each orchestrion roll will require some combination of water and lightning crystals.

Crystals are commonly obtained from defeating elemental-type enemies and gathering points. Of these two options, gathering crystals as either a miner or botanist would be the faster choice.


Faded Orchestrion Rolls

Faded Orchestrion Roll / Final Fantasy XIV
Faded Orchestrion Roll

Of course, you’ll also need the faded roll you wish to restore to a useable version. These are usually obtained from treasure coffers that spawn at the end of a dungeon, trial, or raid.

Other faded rolls can be found through treasure maps and airship voyages.


Blank Orchestrion Rolls

Blank Orchestrion Roll / Final Fantasy XIV
Blank Orchestrion Roll

There are 3 variations of blank orchestrion rolls that may be used in alchemist recipes – Grade 1, Grade 2, and Grade 3.

Each of these items can be crafted by carpenters at different levels.


Getting Ink

Enchanted Ink / Final Fantasy XIV
Enchanted Ink

The final ingredient you’ll need to restore your faded orchestrion rolls is enchanted ink.

These are reagents that can be crafted by alchemists.

There are several different types of enchanted ink that can be made with alchemy. Which variation you’ll need will depend on the orchestrion roll you’re crafting, so check the recipe for details.

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