FFXIV Fleece Farming Guide: Locations, Uses & More

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Fleece is a versatile material in Final Fantasy XIV, used extensively in the Weaver crafting job’s recipe book.

It’s not hard to come by, as it drops from Downy Dunstans and Ornery Karakuls.

And the best farming spots are in the Coerthas Central Highlands. These coordinates are all worth checking to farm fleece from Ornery Karakuls:

  • Rotate between (X:25.9 Y:18.7) and (X:30.4 Y:30.9)
  • Rotate between (X:22 Y:17) and (X:28 Y:13)
  • X:24 Y:15 (in the mountains)

In this guide we’ll briefly cover the uses of fleece, where to find it, and what to do if you can’t find it.


What Do Weavers Use Fleece For?

Weavers use fleece to create a range of components, which can then be used to synthesize more complex items:

Woolen Yarn, Undyed Felt and Chimerical Felt are all used in a wide array of recipes – not just amongst Weavers, but also Leatherworkers, Armorers, and many more.

And they all require fleece as a component.

Despite its importance, Fleece can feel a bit limited sometimes.

A long time ago, certain servers were blighted by a shortage of certain materials (fleece among them) and that shortage caused Market Board prices for the item to rocket.

These days it’s not so bad.

But as always, it’s better to gather your own materials than to pay for them – at least at the beginning of your crafting journey.

Fleece is also used as part of the Skybuilders’ Cloth recipe, a crafting item necessary for certain parts of the Ishgardian Restoration.

This is a really fun and worthwhile activity that kind of represents the “endgame” activity of crafting in XIV.

I’d really recommend checking out our article on The Firmament if you want a little bit more information on that.

Ornery Karakuls in Coerthas Central Highlands / FFXIV
Image source by Nixie Nowa / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Where’s The Best Spot To Farm Fleece?

Everyone’s going to have different tips and tricks for this, but I’ve personally tested this one.

Your results may vary based on what everyone else in your server is doing, the time of day you’re playing at, and good old fashioned luck of the draw.

Head to the Coerthas Central Highlands by using the Camp Dragonhead Aetheryte. You’ll obviously need to have progressed the MSQ to the point you have access to this area and be strong enough to fight the enemies within it.

There are several packs of Ornery Karakuls in the area.

These sheepish enemies shouldn’t pose you much of a threat, and if you’re farming at a much higher level, you should just sweep right through them.

Players on the Lodestone posting for fleece suggest running between the packs at (22,17) and (28,13) respectively – these delivered the best results with barely any downtime.

There are other packs of Ornery Karakuls in the area too, dotted around the entrance to Foundation.

Moving between these packs on a flying mount will likely net you some good results. But be aware that you may have to compete with other players for the fleece.

Note that enemies drop fleece too – so just keep an eye out for sheep and massacre them all on sight. In the game obviously (I hope).


Farming Is Boring, Where Else Can I Get Fleece?

Well if you don’t want to put the work in, you’ll just have to do it the good old fashioned way and submit to capitalism.

Take yourself down to the nearest Market Board and buy yourself as much fleece as you can carry.

Just be aware that, as always, you’re subject to the economy of your server & you might just end up getting fleeced for fleece.

You can also acquire fleece from Apartment Merchants and Material Suppliers in XIV’s apartment buildings and residential districts.

This will cost you one Voidrake, which can be grown via the gardening activity.

Is it worth the effort? Probably not.

It’s definitely easier to just go kill a bunch of sheep, even if passersby do give you some funny looks.

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