How To Get the Haurchefant Emote (FFXIV)

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The Haurchefant emote is unlocked by completing the level 60 side quest “The Burdens We Bear” from Slowfix in Idyllshire (X:7.0, Y:6.0). This is the final quest in a questline known as “Tales of the Dragonsong War”.

To start “Tales of the Dragonsong War”, speak to the House Fortemps Manservant inside Fortemps Manor (X:6.0, Y:6.0) to accept a quest named “The Paths We Walk”.

You can do this after completing the post-Heavensward Main Scenario Quest “Litany of Peace”.


Tales of the Dragonsong War Walkthrough


1. The Paths We Walk

Elaisse in the Pillars / FFXIV
Elaisse in the Pillars

After you accept the quest from the House Fortemps Manservant, head to the Jeweled Crozier to speak with an NPC named Elaisse. She can be found in the Pillars (X:8.1, Y:10.7), not far from the Jeweled Crozier aethernet shard.

Your next stop is at the Forgotten Knight to speak with Gibrillont. To reach him, make your way to the Foundation and go to (X:13.0, Y:11.9).

Next up, look for Laniaitte in the Sea of Clouds.

Take the Camp Cloudtop aetheryte and head to (X:17.0, Y:37.3) to speak with her.

After the cutscene with Laniaitte, travel to Falcon’s Nest to speak with Redwald at (X:32.6, Y:38.3).

Return to the Pillars and enter the Supreme Sacred Tribunal of Halonic Inquisitory Doctrine and click on the destination at (X:13.6, Y:8.1). After you reminisce about what took place inside the Tribunal, step out and interact with your destination at the Pillars (X:11.7, Y:8.3).

Travel to Limsa Lominsa next to visit Merlwyb. Speak to Zanthael in the Lower Decks (X:11.4, Y:11.0) to enter the admiral’s office.

Your final stop for this quest is in Revenant’s Toll. Travel to Mor Dhona (X:22.0, Y:5.1) to speak with Higiri.


2. The Oaths We Swear

Jantellot in the Convictory / FFXIV
Jantellot in the Convictory

Speak with Higiri once more to accept this quest. She will ask you to deliver Doman unguent to Flame Commander Swift inside the Hall of Flames in Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:8.4, Y:8.9).

After you deliver the unguent, travel to Coerthas Western Highlands to visit Gorgagne Mills.

When you get there, speak to the House Durendaire Knight at (X:31.7, Y:12.0).

Enter the building behind the knight and head for the basement. Speak to the Penitent Heretic for your next objective.

After speaking with the Penitent Heretic, head on over to the Convictory in Coerthas Western Highlands. Speak with Jantellot at (X:16.8, Y:22.7).

Your final stop for this leg of the questline is in the Dravanian Forelands. Teleport to the aetheryte in Tailfeather and speak to Marcechamp at (X:31.9, Y:22.9).


3. The Legacies We Leave

Setting Up Camp in the Churning Mists / FFXIV
Setting Up Camp in the Churning Mists

After accepting the quest from Marcechamp, travel northwest to Loth ast Vath. Speak to the Vath Storyteller found at (X:24.0, Y:19.7).

Next, pay a visit to Vidofnir in Anyx Trine, Dravanian Forelands (X:16.8, Y:23.3).

After that, visit Moglin at Moghome in the Churning Mists (X:30.1, Y:36.4).

When the cutscene with Moglin and Kan-E-Senna ends, leave Moghome and travel to (X:17.3, Y:33.7) to make camp.

Return to Ul’dah to continue the quest. Take the aethernet shard to the Chamber of Rule and head for (X:11.1, Y:11.7).

After the cutscene with Nanamo, talk to the nearby Sultansworn Elite to end the quest.


4. The Triumphs we Share

The Monsterie in the Churning Mists / FFXIV
The Monsterie in the Churning Mists

Head back to Revenant’s Toll and speak to Alianne. You can find her standing right outside the entrance to the Seventh Heaven at (X:22.1, Y:8.3).

Return to Ishgard for the next part of the quest.

Enter the Skysteel Manufactory and click on the destination at (X:8.0, Y:10.1).

Travel to the Churning Mists again to visit the Monsterie. Click on the destination at (X:34.0, Y:15.2).

After a short cutscene at the Monsterie, return to Ishgard to speak to Hilda. You can find her at Foundation (X:11.5, Y:12.0).

Next, travel to Ok’Zundu in the Sea of Clouds. Speak to Lonu Vanu, who is standing near the Ok’Zundu aetheryte at (X:10.6, Y:14.6).

The next part of the quest will take you to Apkallu Falls in Old Gridania. Go to (X:10.8, Y:6.2) to speak with Y’mhitra.

To end the quest, head to Idyllshire and speak with Slowfix at (X:7.5, Y:6.5).


5. The Burdens We Bear

Final Cutscene for The Burdens We Bear / FFXIV
Final Cutscene for The Burdens We Bear

After accepting the quest, exit Idyllshire to speak with Matoya.

The entrance to her cave can be found at Dravanian Hinterlands (X:12.8, Y:37.3).

When you’re done speaking with Matoya, travel to Azys Lla and click on the destination at (X:5.2, Y:9.3). After a quick cutscene, walk over to the edge of the platform you are on and click on the Blue Bouquet at (X:4.2, Y:8.9).

For the next part of the quest, you’ll be prompted to visit Tiamat.

To do this, travel to (X:8.6, Y:31.1) of Azys Lla and click on the destination.

Head to the entrance of the Aetherochemical Research Facility next. Click on the destination at (X:21.1, Y:22.5) to proceed with the quest.

The next objective is the very last one in the questline and will not be marked on your map. Travel to Coerthas Central Highlands and click on the destination at (X:22.5, Y:7.9).

Tip: You may want to have some tissues on standby for this part of the quest.

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