How Do You Get The Allagan Melon Minion? (FFXIV)

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Added in Patch 5.3 of Shadowbringers, the Allagan Melon Minion can only be obtained through gardening. You’ll need to acquire Allagan Melon Seeds for 300 Gil from one of the following Vendors:

  • Apartment Merchants
    • Kobai Goten Apartment Lobby, X:6 Y:6
    • Lily Hills Apartments Lobby, X:6 Y:6
    • Sultana’s Breath Apartment Lobby, X:6 Y:6
    • Topmast Apartment Lobby, X:6 Y:6
    • Ingleside Apartment Lobby, X:6 Y:6
  • Material Supplier
    • Empyreum, X:10 Y:12
    • The Lavender Beds, X:12 Y:8
    • Mist, X:11 Y:11
    • Shirogane, X:10 Y:11
    • The Goblet, X:11 Y:9

Gardening For Your Allagan Melon

The Shirogane Material Supplier, located directly south of the Kobai Goten Apartments / FFXIV
The Shirogane Material Supplier, located directly south of the Kobai Goten Apartments.

Once you’ve acquired your Seeds, you’ll need Soil as well.

“Potting Soil” can also be found in any of the listed Vendors inventories, under the “Gardening” sub menu.

You could use a fancier type of soil as well, but it’ll have no special effect. So save yourself some time and just spend the 120 Gil.

Now onto the important component, which can be a little tricky.


Finding Your Own Gardening Plots

The Kobai Goten illuminated at night inside the Shirogane Housing District / FFXIV
The Kobai Goten illuminated at night inside the Shirogane Housing District.

You’ll need access to some form of housing to garden, and depending on your server this can be a pretty hard thing to acquire.

Further, if you have access to an FC with Gardening Plots, you’ll need the ability to tend and harvest from them.

If you’re more of a loner, you still have some options:

  • Buying your own house
  • Buying your own apartment
  • Rooming in your FC

The most expensive option is purchasing your own house, which can run you millions of Gil. That seems like a steep price to pay for an Allagan Melon Minion.

Your second option is to purchase an Apartment. These are much more readily available, and they exist in every Housing District. The locations are:

  • The Topmast – Mist, X:8 Y:10
  • Lily Hills – The Lavender Beds, X:14 Y:16
  • The Sultana’s Breath – The Goblet, X:10 Y:10
  • Kobai Goten – Shirogane, X:11 Y:11
  • Ingleside – Empyreum, X:11 Y:7

Your very own Apartment will cost you 500,000 Gil, but it will never be subject to auto-demolition timers like regular housing. Which is swell if you take frequent breaks between content.

Your final and least expensive option again requires a Free Company.

Once you’ve reached the Rank of Captain in your respective Grand Company – and provided your Free Company owns a home – you may purchase a room. Towards the back of your FC’s House inside will be a door with access to extra rooms, like the Workshop.

For 300,000 Gil you can purchase a room. It’s the same size as an Apartment, albeit a little bit cheaper.

The caveat here is that if you ever decide to leave your Free Company, you’ll need to demolish the Room.

This can cause some friction, and in addition it’ll be a bit annoying when you just want to transfer Servers or join up with some friends.


Getting a Flowerpot

Showcasing the flowerpot inside of an FC Room. Decor not included / FFXIV
Showcasing the flowerpot inside of an FC Room. Decor not included.

If you’ve settled on purchasing an Apartment or FC Room, you’ll need one last thing:

Any Housing Merchant in any Housing Zone will sell you a Flowerpot for 1,200 Gil. These Vendors are located right next to Material Suppliers, or in your Apartment Lobby.

Once acquired, you’ll need to place it in your Room and then add the Allagan Melon Seeds and Potting Soil.

The Allagan Melon Minion will take 7 full days to grow – so remember to water your plant every day.

If you forget, it’ll wilt and you’ll need to start the process all over.

Happy gardening!

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