How To Get The Ancient One Minion (FFXIV)

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The Ancient One Minion is obtained as a rare drop from the Level 80 Dungeon “Anamnesis Anyder”. Added in Patch 5.2 of the Shadowbringers Expansion, this Duty is unlocked as part of the Main Story.

The Quest “Beneath the Surface” is given to you by Urianger.

You’re in search of some long-forgotten knowledge deep beneath the phantom of Amaurot that Emet-selch created.

Hopping onto the First’s incarnation of Bismarck, he takes you deep into The Tempest where the Anamnesis Anyder lies buried.

The Primal Bismarck waits off the northern shores of Lakeland / Final Fantasy XIV
The Primal Bismarck waits off the northern shores of Lakeland.

The Minion drops from the final coffer upon defeating the Boss. It isn’t a guaranteed drop, and you’ll need to also win the Loot roll.

The good news is that you can use Trusts to tackle this Dungeon. That means if the Minion drops it’s yours.

You can also tackle this unsynced with a few friends to make the grind a bit quicker.

Whichever option you choose, just know it’ll likely take a while to get this Minion.


Into The Anamnesis Anyder

The first monster you encounter comes as a pair, the Unknown / Final Fantasy XIV
The first monster you encounter comes as a pair, the Unknown.

The Anamnesis Anyder has a few new mechanics that many Players seem unfamiliar with. I know this because I ran it the other week and it took almost an hour. It should not take almost an hour.

So don’t be like those Players and do some homework, to make this grind much more pleasant.

Not only for yourself, but for your Duty Finder compatriots.

That being said, here’s a breakdown of the Bosses and their mechanics.

You’ll be leading the charge in no time:



  • Fetid Fang – Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Scrutiny – Creates several large circular AOEs, leaving three small safe spaces. A large arrow will then spin before landing on one of the safe spaces. At about 3/4ths of the cast, the arrow will slow down indicating which spot will be unsafe.
  • Luminous Ray – A large line AOE indicated by the Unknown’s mouth glowing. It’ll face whichever direction it is shooting so simply move to its flank.
    • A second Unknown will appear as well, using this attack. Try to watch out for both of them as they can cast it simultaneously.
  • Inscrutability – An unavoidable room-wide AOE that causes a 12 second Bleed debuff. You can’t dispel the bleed so make sure to heal as necessary.
  • Clearout – A wide frontal cone-shaped AOE.
  • Setback – A wide rear cone-shaped AOE.
  • Plain Weirdness – Once one of the Unknowns has died, the remaining one uses this attack. It applies a Damage Up Buff to the Boss, making all its attacks hit harder.
The Kyklops uses a variety of delayed attacks that can kill a Party that isn’t observant / Final Fantasy XIV
The Kyklops uses a variety of delayed attacks that can kill a Party that isn’t observant.


  • The Final verse – Moderate room-wide AOE. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • 2,000-mina Swing – Large circular AOE that centers on the Boss. Applies a Vulnerability Up Debuff as well as a knockback. Get away from him when he casts this.
  • Eye of the Cyclone – A large donut-shaped AOE. Does damage and applies a Vulnerability Up Debuff. Be near the Kyklops when he casts this.
  • Terrible Hammer & Terrible Blade – Kyklops will cast these in succession, marking all nine tiles in the arena with either a blade or a hammer. The one he casts first will explode first. You’ll need to dodge the mechanic that accompanies this attack, then dodge into the tile that explodes.
    • Kyklops will pair this attack with either Eye of the Cyclone, 2,000-mina Swing, or Wanderer’s Pyre. Position yourself properly to avoid these and get ready to dodge after they resolve.
  • Raging Glower – Line AOE aimed at one of your group. Don’t be in front of the Boss when he casts this.
  • 2,000-mina Swipe – A cone-shaped frontal cleave. This can be avoided by running through Kyklops or to his side. Applies a Vulnerability Up Debuff if you’re struck.
  • Wanderer’s Pyre – A group stack AOE. Paired with Terrible Blade Hammer. You’ll need to get together and then dodge into the tiles after soaking the damage.
Rukshs Dheem will repeatedly summon sahagins to shield himself / Final Fantasy XIV
Rukshs Dheem will repeatedly summon sahagins to shield himself.

Rukshs Dheem

  • Bonebreaker – Tankbuster, mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Seabed Ceremony – A room-wide AOE that also triggers several different mechanics.
    • Spawns puddles that cast Depth Grip.
    • Causes the Ripples to execute.
    • Executes Falling Water AOEs.
  • Depth Grip – A large claw will spawn facing inward or outward. Position yourself in front of the claw that’s facing away from you.
  • Falling Water – Targeted circular AOEs on two Players. Don’t overlap these.
  • Rising Tide – A cross-shaped AOE originating from Rukshs Dheem.
  • Ripples – There are eight grates in the arena. When bubbles start to rise from them, someone needs to stand on this to prevent a Sahagin from spawning. These Adds will tether to Rukshs, and he will become invulnerable until they’re defeated.
    • This occurs in multiple variations, including in tandem with Depth Grip. When cast with Depth Grip, stand on the opposite side of the arena of the claw, as only those grates will spawn Sahagins.
  • Flying Fount – A Party stack AOE. Share the damage!
  • Command Current – A series of alternating cone-shaped AOEs will shoot out from Rukshs. Simply dodge into the first set after the AOE goes off.

Once you’ve defeated Rukshs, open the final coffer and cross your fingers.

With a bit of luck, it’ll contain the Ancient One Minion you’re looking for! If not, keep at the grind and you’ll eventually lay claim to your miniature Amaurot resident.

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