How To Get The Antelope Stag Mount in FFXIV

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The Antelope Stag Mount can be obtained for 30 Fête Tokens in The Firmament. Fête Tokens are acquired from special events that take place in The Firmament, and these events occur on a strict schedule: 12 times over the course of 24 hours.

This means once every two hours you’ve got a shot at earning the Tokens for your Antelope Stag Mount.

Once the Fête period has concluded, there’s a cooldown of roughly one to two days before another set starts.

Note: Fête Presents, which are rewards from completing the Events, also have a chance to drop the Antelope Stag Horn. Though this isn’t the most direct method so it isn’t quite as reliable.

You can check when the next Event will begin by checking your Duty List inside The Firmament.

It should also be noted that these Events require either a Disciple of the Hand or Land. The good news is that there’s no level requirement, and they give massive amounts of experience.


Embracing Your Fête

The proclamation for the Skyrise Celebration / FFXIV
The proclamation for the Skyrise Celebration, commemorating the Firmament’s completion

There are 5 different Fêtes that will occur throughout the Event period. They are:

  • Made of Softer Stuff – You’re tasked with crafting stuffed toys and handing them out to underprivileged Brume children. No actual crafting is required. You’ll interact with the “Stuffed Toy Materials”, then lift the toy and carry it to its waiting recipient.
  • Presents of Mind – You’re tasked with following NPC instructions and delivering Presents to specific other NPCs. Yellow boxes for Merchants, Pink boxes for Children, and Orange boxes for Artisans. The deliveries are made just North of where you grab the presents.
  • A Twist of Fête – You’ll need to copy one of three NPC’s emotes using the ones assigned to your hotbar. Make sure to target the correct NPC then simply react correctly. Doing so six times will earn you maximum rewards.
  • Shear-a-Yak – A large Yak will spawn, and you’ll be granted an event-specific Action. Use the “Aetheromatic Clippers” Action on the Yak to cause three tufts of Yak Fleece to spawn. Collect the Fleece and turn it in.
  • Toy Hunter – Several boxes will spawn in the area. You’ll need to open them in search of a “Lucky Toy” to turn into the NPC. Some contain a debuff that will disable your for 5 seconds. You’ll need to turn in four Toys for full credit.

The maximum reward for this is 2 Fête Presents and 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips in addition to relevant experience for your level.

Each Fête Present you earn can contain a massive list of random items.

The full Loot list breaks down like so:

Mounts – Antelope Stag Horn

Bardings – Expanse, Ice, Horde, Zurvanite, Levin, Sephirotic, Sophic, Tidal and Machinist

Minions – Atrophied Atomos, Bullpup, Cerberpup, Dwarf Rabbit, Gaelikitten, Miniature White Knight, Morpho, Nutkin, Owlet, Plush Cushion, Ugly Duckling

Furnishings – Stuffed Cait Sith, Stuffed Estinien, Plush Pile, Lord Commander’s Portrait, Azure Dragoon’s Portrait, Fête Party Balloons, Fête Skyrise Balloon, Fortemps Sofa, Brick Garden Circle, Ishgardian Stove, Little Chef’s Playset, Verdant Partition, Apron Rack, Garment Rack

Glamour – Peacemaker’s Attire, Craftsman’s Attire, Skyworker’s Attire, Calming Checkered Parasol, Cheerful Checkered Parasol, Pastoral Dot Parasol, Sky Blue Parasol, Black Parasol

Hairstyles – Controlled Chaos, Modern Legend, Saintly Style

Emotes – Concealing Meals, Emphatic Elucidation, Intelligent Impressions, The Winsome Wallflower

Orchestrion Rolls – Born of the Boughs, The Navigator’s Theme, Hearthward, Paradise Found, Stone and Steel, The Twin Faces of Fate, Tricksome, Upon the Rocks, What is Love?

Dyes – Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Jet Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Gold, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Metallic Orange, Metallic Sky Blue, Metallic Purple, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Silver, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pastel Purple, Gunmetal Black, Pearl White, Metallic Brass


Fête Tokens For The Antelope Stag

The Fête Presents you get can also commonly reward you with one Fête Token.

Enie, resident Token Vendor of The Firmament / FFXIV
Enie, resident Token Vendor of The Firmament

These tokens can be traded with the NPC vendor Enie (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:12 Y:14) for a variety of items.

Here’s a full list of the items you can get:

Item Cost
Peacelover’s Attire Coffer 50 Tokens
Antelope Stag Horn 30 Tokens
Fête Party Balloons 5 Tokens
Fête Skyrise Balloon 5 Tokens
Dyes 4 Tokens
Grade VII DoL Materia 2 Tokens
Grade VIII DoL Materia 3 Tokens
Grade VII DoH Materia 2 Tokens
Grade VIII DoH Materia 3 Tokens
Magicked Prisms (10) 1 Token

All of the rewards available are pretty great, considering the amount of effort they require.

It’s a good practice to take part in the Fête whenever it occurs every few days.

Enjoy your celebration, and best of luck winning your Antelope Stag Horn!

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