How To Get The Atrophied Atomos Minion (FFXIV)

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The Atrophied Atomos Minion in FFXIV is obtained through Crafting. It’s a Level 60 one-star Master Craft for the Alchemist. It simply requires 620 Craftsmanship, which is easily attainable.

The recipe for the Atrophied Atomos Minion is obtained through the Master Alchemist III Book.

The Master Alchemist III Book is purchased for 100 White Crafters’ Scrips from the following NPCs:

  • Anna (The Firmament – Snowsoak Springs, X:14 Y:13)
  • Diana (The Firmament – Sir Vaindreau’s Grace, X:10 Y:8)
  • Mowen’s Merchant (The Crystarium – Musica Universalis Markets, X:10 Y:12)
  • Senana (The Ruby Sea – Tamamizu, X:28 Y:15)
  • Scrip Exchange
    • Rhalgr’s Reach – Chakra Falls, X:10 Y:13)
    • Radz-at-Han – East Balshahn Bazaar, X:12 Y:9
    • Eulmore – Eulmore Aetheryte Plaza, X:12 Y:11
    • Mor Dhona – Fogfens, X:22 Y:7
    • Idyllshire – Freewalks Roundspot, X:6 Y:7
    • Ul’dah – Steps of Thal – Sapphire Avenue Exchange, X:14 Y:11
    • Old Sharlayan – Searchers’ Meet, X:5 Y:9
    • Old Gridania – The Shaded Bower, X:14 Y:9
    • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks – West Hawkers’ Alley, X:6 Y:12

You can acquire Scrips through turning in Collectibles. There are both Daily and Weekly turn-ins available – Rowena and Custom Deliveries respectively.

You’ll turn in your Daily Collectibles to Rowena’s House of Splendors at the following Collectable Appraiser NPCs:

  • Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, X:6 Y:12
  • Ul’dah – The Steps of Thal, X:14 Y:11
  • Old Gridania, X:14 Y:9
  • Mor Dhona – Revenant’s Toll, X:22 Y:7
  • Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7
  • Rhalgr’s Reach, X:10 Y:12
  • Eulmore, X:12 Y:11
  • Radz-at-Hahn, X:12 Y:10

The current Weekly Custom Delivery NPCs are:

  • Zhloe Allapoh (Idyllshire, X:6 Y:7)
  • M’naago (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:10 Y:12)
  • Kurenai (The Ruby Sea – Tamamizu, X:28 Y:15)
  • Kai-shirr (Eulmore, X:12 Y:12)
  • Ehll Tou (Foundation – The Firmament, X:14 Y:13)
  • Count Charlemend de Durendaire (Foundation – The Firmament, X:9 Y:8)

One Collectible turn-in with these NPCs will reward you with enough White Scrips for your Master Alchemist III Book.

Then you’ll simply need to gather the Materials and the Atrophied Atomos Minion is yours!


Lore & Trivia

Interestingly, the Atomos had a large role in the original iteration of FFXIV.

Way back in Patch 1.2, before A Realm Reborn, Atomos would spawn near Aetheryte Camps and dump hordes of Voidsent into Zones. This was a precursor to the Seventh Umbral Calamity in Eorzea.

The menacing Cloud of Darkness, a massive Voidsent pulled from the Thirteenth / FFXIV
The menacing Cloud of Darkness, a massive Voidsent pulled from the Thirteenth.

We’ve only since encountered them in The Labyrinth of the Ancients and World of Darkness Raids. Though recently in the happenings of Endwalker, we got a little more insight into their existence.

Turns out the Atomos are fused with Planar Rifts, allowing their bodies to act as natural Voidgates between the Source and the Thirteenth Shard. We may even end up using these creatures as a means to transfer ourselves there!

Now doesn’t that make you want your very own pint-sized interdimensional Voidsent?


Conjuring a Voidsent

The full Material List for the atrophied Atomos Minion / Final Fantasy XIV
The full Material List for the atrophied Atomos Minion.

With your Master Alchemist III Book in hand, you’re ready to gather all the makings of a tiny Voidsent.

Some of the Materials are a bit obscure, so you’ll be doing a bit of adventuring to acquire them.

The Recipe breaks down like so:

  • Atomos Corpulence (3x) – This Material is only available as a drop from Level 60 Wyvernskin Maps. Wyvernskin Maps can be gathered at any Level 55 – 60 Node in Heavensward areas.
    • If you’re missing the ability to gather and decipher Treasure Maps, you’ll need to do a short Quest. Seek out H’loonh (Eastern La Noscea – Wineport, X:21 Y:21) to pick up the Quest “Treasures and Tribulations”.
Battling monsters which spring as a trap on Drakeskin Treasure Maps / FFXIV
Battling monsters which spring as a trap on Drakeskin Treasure Maps.
  • Gelato Flesh (3x) – Dropped be gelato enemies in varying amounts. You can find these in the Coerthas Western Highlands (X:11 Y:17).
    • You can also assign any Combat Retainer to retrieve this Material. It’s available at Level 51. The venture will take 40 minutes and you’ll receive 15 Gelato Flesh. Especially handy if you’re busy grabbing other Materials.
  • Dragon Blood – Available from any Dragon-type enemy. They can be found in the following areas:
    • Blood Dragon – The churning Mists, X:26 Y:8
    • Ice Dragon – Coerthas Western Highlands, X:13 Y:24
    • Moss Dragon – The Churning Mists, X:22 Y:24
    • Thunder Dragon – The Dravanian Forelands, X:30 Y:8
  • Growth Formula Zeta – Level 58 Alchemist Craft. Requires the following Materials:
    • Rue (3) – Level 60 Lush Vegetation Nodes (Coerthas Western Highlands – Twinpools, X:11 Y16).
    • Dhalmel Saliva – Dhalmel enemies (The Sea of Clouds, X:17 Y:32).
    • Red Quartz – Level 58 Quarrying from any Unspoiled Node in The Sea of Clouds.
  • Glazenut – This item is only obtainable from Gardening. You’ll need to plant Glazenut Seeds, which are only available from cross-breeding. The following Seeds will provide you with Glazenut Seeds when cross-bred:
    • Prickly Pineapple Seeds < > Old World Fig Seeds
    • Royal Kukuru Seeds < > Apricot Kernels
    • Glazenut Seeds < > Apricot Kernels (Using this method, it’s possible to get a guaranteed amount of Glazenut Seeds).
Quarrying for Aethersand in The Sea of Clouds / Final Fantasy XIV
Quarrying for Aethersand in The Sea of Clouds.
  • Dawnborne Aethersand – Can only be obtained through Aetherial Reduction. This is available for specific Collectibles in Heavensward Zones. The items that when broken down will provide the Athersand are:
    • Caiman – Fishing
      • The Dravanian Forelands, X:31 Y:5. Level 55, using Blueclaw Shrimp as Bait on a Mooch. Only available 6 PM to 10:59 PM Eorzean Time.
    • Pteranodon – Fishing
      • The Churning Mists, X:18 Y:39. Level 55, using a Sky Faerie or Rudderfish with Mooch. Only available 9 AM to 4:59 PM Eorzean Time.
    • Water Mint – Harvesting
      • Level 60 Ephemeral Nodes (Coerthas Western Highlands – Red Rim, X:26 Y:29, 12AM Eorzean Time) & (The Sea of Clouds – Ok’ Vundu Mak, X:13 Y:22, 8 PM Eorzean Time).
    • Peat Moss – Harvesting
      • Level 60 Ephemeral Nodes (The Dravanian Hinterlands – Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum, X:7 Y:27, 4 AM Eorzean Time) & (The Churning Mists – Greenwood, X:10 Y:37, 4 PM Eorzean Time).
    • Bright Fire Rock – Quarrying
      • Level 60 Ephemeral Nodes (The Dravanian Forelands – Avalonia Fallen, X:26 Y:20, 4 AM Eorzean Time) & (The Churning Mists – The Lost Landlord, X:22 Y:38, 12 PM Eorzean Time).
    • Bright Lightning Rock – Quarrying
      • Level 60 Ephemeral Nodes (The Sea of Clouds – Ok’ Gundu, X:36 Y:30, 4 PM Eorzean Time) & (Coerthas Western Highlands – Black Iron Bridge, X:24 Y:21, 8 PM Eorzean Time).

With all your Materials gathered, all you’ll need to do is mash them into one Atrophied Atomos Minion!

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