How Do You Get The Auspicious Kamuy Mount? (FFXIV)

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The Auspicious Kamuy Mount is obtained as a rare drop from “The Jade Stoa (Extreme)”. This Mount can also be obtained for 99 Byako Totems from Eschina (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:14 Y:12).

In addition, it has been a reward for the Moogle Treasure Trove, though the rewards there vary.

So your best bet is to throw up a PF and run the fight unsynced, since the mount is from Stormblood.

You shouldn’t have too hard a time toppling this tiger, but friends never hurt.

All that’s left then is to win the Loot roll and claim the Auspicious Kamuy Fife from your inventory.


Unlocking The Four Lords

The Hell's Lid in The Ruby Sea / FFXIV
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The battle with Byakko and the Four Lords is locked behind a few sidequests.

First and foremost, you’ll need to have completed up through Patch 4.2 of Stormblood.

The Main Story Quest “Hope on the Waves” is what’s required here. Once that’s complete, you can seek out Soroban (The Ruby Sea, X:6 Y:16).

“An Auspicious Encounter” is the Quest you’re looking for next.

He’ll instruct you to meet himself and Tataru outside of the Hell’s Lid in Ruby Sea.

You may have guessed this already, but your next task is to complete the Level 70 Dungeon Hell’s Lid. So pop yourself into Duty Finder and fight your way through the heat.

All said and done, you’ll find yourself automatically at the Reisen Temple.

Simply speak with the Auspices here to be directed to Yanxia, right outside the House of the Fierce.

Your next task is to confront Byakko in The Jade Stoa.

After conquering your foe and once again conversing with the Auspices, you’re done in Ruby Sea.

The final step is to simply seek out The Wandering Minstrel (Kugane – Kogane-dori Markets, X:12 Y:13).

Recount your battle with Byakko to them and they’ll unlock “The Jade Stoa (Extreme)”.

You’re now prepared to start racking up kills towards your Kamuy!


The Bounties of Byakko

The Byakko Barding for your Chocobo / FFXIV
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Much like other Extreme Trials, knowing what you’ll get out of the process is a great motivator.

In pursuit of your Auspicious Kamuy, Byakko will also drop the following Spoils:

  • Byakko Weaponry
  • Byakko Weaponry Coffer (Can be used on a Job for a specific Weapon)
  • Byakko Card (Triple Triad)
  • Auspicious Kamuy Fife (Mount)
  • Faded Copy of The Jade Stoa (Orchestrion Roll)
  • Byakko’s Mane

While the Weapons are no longer a relevant ilvl, they can be broken down into additional Byakko Manes.

Byakko Manes themselves are used to create various Glamours, such as weapons with unique effects.

The swirling ink-like effect is one of the cooler Glamour options in the game.

In addition to Enspirited Armaments, you can create the following:

  • Byakko Barding (Chocobo Companion Glamour, pictured above)
  • Byakko Cub (Minion)
  • Byakko Sideboard (Indoor Furnishing)
  • Byakko Throne (Indoor Furnishing)

Best of luck in your hunt!

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