FFXIV Guide: How To Get The Behemoth Mount

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The beastly Behemoth Mount in FFXIV is acquired by exchanging 6 Achievement Certificates with Jonathas. Jonathas (New Gridania – Old Gridania, X:11 Y:6) is your go-to for Achievement and previous subscription rewards.

The Behemoth (prior to 4.1) was actually a reward for subscribing to the game for 270 days.

Achievement Certificates themselves are rewarded by Jonathas at a rate of 50 Achievement points per 1 Certificate.

Different achievements vary in point amount, and you receive these points for everything – from defeating enemies to completing crafts.

FFXIV rewards previously associated with subscriptions were transitioned to Jonathas as Achievements.


What Else Can You Get?

An Ahriman flapping its way through The Black Shroud / FFXIV
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Several goodies await you in Jonathas’s inventory.

Thankfully it makes the massive list of Achievements worth pursuing.

The following is the full list of items available for your varied accomplishments:



Fat Chocobo Head 1 Certificate
Goblin Cap 1 Certificate
Ribbon 2 Certificates
Cascadier Uniform 2 Certificates
Black Mage Barding (Chocobo) 3 Certificates
Barding of Light (Chocobo) 3 Certificates
Wild Rose Barding (Chocobo) 3 Certificates


Beyond Redemption Orchestrion Roll 3 Certificates
Enquire Within Wall Hanging 3 Certificates


Beady Eye (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Cursor (FFI) 2 Certificates
Black Chocobo Chick (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
Minion of Light (FFI) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Leader (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Odin (FFIII) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Warrior of Light (FFI) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Goblin (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Gilgamesh (FFV) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Nanamo (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
Wind-up Firion (FFII) 2 Certificates
Komainu (FFXIV) 2 Certificates
The Deathclaw outside Castrum Occidens in Eastern La Noscea / FFXIV
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Ahriman (Voidal Resonator) 6 Certificates
Behemoth (Behemoth Warhorn) 6 Certificates
Magitek Deathclaw (Identification Key) 6 Certificates

As you can see, with the myriad of treasures available here, it makes Achievements worth pursuing.

The points rack up quickly while you’re adventuring in Eorzea, so stop by Jonathas often!

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