FFXIV: How To Get The Bluebird Minion

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The Bluebird Minion is obtained primarily as a drop from Treasure Map Coffers. Specifically from Timeworn Peisteskin or Timeworn Dragonskin Maps.

Added in Patch 2.1, this particular bird has had an up and down life. Fortunate enough to hatch and avoid being eaten by lizards, unfortunate enough to fall into a treasure coffer from its nest.

From there it was buried with loot, only to await your discovery.

So netting yourself a Bluebird will get you the Minion you desire while also building some positive karma.

Special Note: The Bluebird Minion will perch itself on your shoulder with the use of the /beckon emote! Perfect for adding that little extra to your glamour screenshots.

Timeworn Peisteskin Maps are Level 50, and are suggested for eight Players. You can absolutely ignore that, since you’re likely overleveled and they’re now easily soloable.

They’re found in the following locations via Gathering:



  • Level 50 Logging – East Shroud – The Bramble Patch, X:16 Y:23
  • Level 50 Logging – Central Thanalan – The Clutch, X:29 Y:19
  • Level 50 Harvesting – Southern Thanalan – Sagolii Desert, X:14 Y:32


  • Level 50 Quarrying – East Shroud – The Bramble Patch X:18 Y:24
  • Level 50 Quarrying – Lower La Noscea – The Gods’ Grip X:20 Y:34
  • Level 50 Quarrying – Western Thanalan – The Silver Bazaar X:18 Y:28


  • Mor Dhona – Rathefrost, X:18 Y:17
  • Mor Dhona – The North Shards, X:31 Y:6
  • Mor Dhona – The Tangle, X:14 Y:13
  • Coerthas Central Highlands – Witchdrop, X:33 Y:18
Uncovering a Treasure Coffer / FFXIV
Uncovering a Treasure Coffer in the wilds of Eorzea using the “Dig” command.

Once you’ve gathered your Map, all that’s left is to Decipher it and discover the location.

If you haven’t done so, you’ll need to finish a short quest for the action.

Should you need it, seek out H’loonh (Eastern La Noscea – Wineport, X:21 Y:21) to grab the Quest “Treasures and Tribulations”. It’s short and simple, and it’ll reward you with the Dig and Decipher commands.

From there you can begin treasure hunting to your heart’s content.

Once you’ve unearthed your treasure, you’ll need to defeat a couple groups of monsters. They’re easily handled alone at this point, so fear not. Afterwards open your Coffer, which will hopefully contain your Bluebird Minion!

Some of the rarer drops in the Peisteskin Coffers include:

  • Blue Fox Hide – Used for Highland Glamour and Chocobo Barding, Ramie Glamours, and Tonberry Furnishings.
  • Dress Material – Used for the Spring Dress Glamour.
  • Unhidden Leather Map – A special and rare Map containing extremely valuable materials, also contains the rare Nutkin Minion.
  • Cutting Oil – Used for the Demon Wall, Gargoyle, and Vodoriga Sculpture Furnishings.

Timeworn Dragonskin Maps can be acquired at various locations in Heavensward Zones, provided they’re Level 60 Nodes. Dragonskin Maps are Level 60, and slightly more annoying to complete.

They also offer quite a few more rewards than the Peisteskin Maps, meaning your odds of getting the Bluebird Minion are lower.


Alternative Methods To Get Your Bluebird

Sometimes sheer luck outweighs the most direct method of treasure hunting / Final Fantasy XIV
Sometimes sheer luck outweighs the most direct method of treasure hunting.

If scouring the wilds of Eorzea doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, now worries. There are a few other methods to acquire your Bluebird Minion.

The first option is the Material Container 3.0, offered by your Grand Company for 20,000 Seals. These Containers may hold almost any Minion from A Realm Reborn or the Heavensward Expansion. It even has a shot at containing the rare Zu or Night Pegasus Mounts!

The rare Night Pegasus was previously only available in the depths of Palace of the Dead / FFXIV
The rare Night Pegasus was previously only available in the depths of Palace of the Dead.

It’s an excellent way to spend your extra Grand Company Seals. Having such a wide array of rewards means it’s unlikely to contain the Bluebird Minion often. But it’s an option!

Your second option is through Bronze Sacks, acquired as pieces of the Accursed Hoard in early floors of Palace of the Dead.

The additional benefit here is that it’s a great way to Level some of your lower Jobs up to Level 60. All the while grabbing up treasures! But just like with the previous method, the Bronze Sacks can contain a huge variance of prizes. More often than not, fireworks.

But with any of the methods mentioned above, keep at them.

Eventually you’ll be the proud owner of your very own Bluebird Minion! May it bring you good fortune.

The Bluebird minion flying outside / FFXIV
The Bluebird minion
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