How Do You Get The Bom Boko Minion? (FFXIV)

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The Bom Boko Minion is obtained a few different ways, but primarily through Retainer Ventures. Added in Patch 4.0, the following three Retainer Ventures have a chance of rewarding you with a Bom Boko Minion:

  • Field Exploration XX – Level 61, requires a minimum Item Level of 235.
  • Field Exploration XXI – Level 65, requires a minimum Item Level of 256.
  • Field Exploration XXII – Level 70, requires a minimum Item Level of 270.

These Ventures are available to any Combat Class Retainer, which should be easy enough.

It’s always best to have at least one of your Retainers share your Primary Job. This way you can simply pass down your old Job gear to them and never worry about Item Level requirements!

Dispensing a Retainer from the Doman Enclave / FFXIV
Dispensing a Retainer from the Doman Enclave

It’s also worth noting that the higher your Retainer’s Item Level, the better rewards they can return with from Ventures.

All three of the above Ventures all take 18 hours to complete. They’ve all got a pretty similar chance of rewarding you with your Bom Boko Minion, so take your pick.

The Tengu Doll Minion set against the sunset of Shirogane / FFXIV
The Tengu Doll Minion set against the sunset of Shirogane

One thing worth noting is that Field Exploration XXII also has a second Minion as a possible reward. So if you’ve got an insatiable appetite for all things collectible in FFXIV, that’s the Venture you may want to go with.


Alternate Methods

Should you find the wait between Ventures agonizing, you can take a few other approaches. The Bom Boko Minion can also be found in two other ways:

  • Material Container 4.0
  • Silver-haloed Sack

Material Container 4.0 is available from any Quartermaster at your local grand Company. You can head to Maelstrom Command, the Adders’ Nest or the Immortal Flames Barracks to purchase them.

They’ll cost you 20,000 GC Seals each, but can contain nearly any Minion from the Stormblood Expansion. Honestly, it’s a great way to spend excess Seals regardless so try to keep it in mind!

The Heaven-on-High towers over the Ruby Sea / FFXIV
The Heaven-on-High towers over the Ruby Sea.

Silver-haloed Sacks are an additional gamble, possibly containing your elusive raccoon dog. They’re found inside the Heaven-on-High Deep Dungeon as pieces of the Accursed Hoard.

Specifically, any piece of the Hoard you uncover on Floors 1 to 30 will reward you with one.

From there you’ll just need to pop over to the Expeditionary outside the entrance. He’ll undo the magicks binding your sack and reveal its contents.

They can contain a huge amount of random Loot, from Minions like the Bom Boko all the way to exclusive Hairstyles not found anywhere else!

Good to keep in mind should you find yourself with Jobs you want to bump from 61 to 70 quickly as well.

Whichever method you choose, stay persistent and you’ll eventually have your Bom Boko minion – complete with one of the oddest in-game descriptions of all time.

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