FFXIV: How To Get The Bomb Palanquin Mount

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The airborne Bomb Palanquin Mount is purchased from the Kobold Vendor for 120,000 Gil. It will become available for sale once you have achieved Trusted (Rank 4) with the Kobold Beast Tribe.

Reputation Ranks with Beast Tribes are achieved through repeating daily Quests.

Rank 4 is the maximum achievable for all Beast Tribes in A Realm Reborn. Their final rank, Allied, is actually gained through a series of Quests.

It will take you roughly 23 days to get to Rank 4.

This assumes you’re knocking out the three highest reward Quests available that day. You can, however, use more Daily Allowances to get there faster.

It just depends how badly you want your Bomb Palanquin!


Becoming Friends, Compatriots, Allies With The Kobolds

Trachraet conveying his worries outside of Maelstrom Command / FFXIV
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To begin your path towards your Palanquin, you’ll first need to do a few things.

Namely, you’ll need to have completed the Main Story Quest “In Pursuit of the Past”.

Once that’s out of the way, seek out Trachraet (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Aftcastle, X:13 Y:13) to accept “Highway Robbery”.

He seems in need of your superior sleuthing skills to track down missing shipments.

Follow these steps to complete the Quest:

  • Speak with Skaetswys (Western La Noscea – Swiftperch, X:34 Y:31)
  • Search Swiftperch for clues
  • Deliver the “Crooked Pickaxe” to Skaetswys
  • Speak with Bloedin (Outer La Noscea – Camp Overlook, X:18 Y:17)
  • Speak with Skaetswys once more (Outer La Noscea – 789th Order Dig, X:21 Y:18)

This will finish the Quest, and allow you to pick up “How Low Can You Go” from 789th Order Pickman Gi Gu.

Completing that will unlock the Kobold Beast Tribe Dailies.


Kobold And The Beautiful Rewards

The Kobold Vendor of the 789th Order Dig / FFXIV
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In addition to your Bomb Palanquin Mount, the Kobolds sell a variety of things that may interest you.

Daily, you’ll receive one Titan Cobaltpiece per Quest you complete, plus Experience.

But this Titan Cobaltpiece can be exchanged separately from the regular Gil shop. Here’s the complete list of what you can get:

Item Rank Cost
Dyes (various) Recognized, Friendly 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Venture Neutral 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Glamour Dispeller Trusted 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Unidentifiable Ore Trusted 3 Titan Cobaltpiece
Automaton Digger Trusted 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Kobold Furnace Trusted 1 Titan Cobaltpiece

And here’s what you can get for Gil:

Item Rank Cost
Dyes (various) Recognized, Friendly 216 – 334 Gil
Glamour Dispeller Trusted 500 Gil
Wind-up Kobold Trusted 25,000 Gil
Bomb Palanquin Horn Trusted 120,000 Gil
Automaton Digger Trusted 26,136 Gil
Kobold Furnace Trusted 21,780 Gil
Wind-up Kobolder Allied 25,000 Gil

You’ll want the Bomb Palanquin Horn to get your mount.

But check out some of the other items too, since you’ll be grinding anyways you may find something else you’d like.

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