How To Get The Boreas Mount in FFXIV

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The Boreas Mount is obtained as a rare drop from the Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme). The Boreas Whistle itself, among other loot, has a roughly 20% chance of dropping.

You’ll have first come across the Hard version of this Trial during the Main Scenario Quest “The Instruments of Our Deliverance”. Then make sure you’re spending your time farming the Extreme version. Otherwise you’ll be missing your shot at that cool horse.

The fight itself is fairly simple, since it was introduced way back in 2.4 and only requires level 50.

At this point it’s actually soloable if you’re competent.

That being said, having a full party makes this fight take less than a minute.

Pop yourself into Party Finder and go at it, and you’ll have your mount in no time.


Unlocking The Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme)

Preparing to face Shiva in Akh Afah, meaning “Eternal Fate” in the language of Dragons / FFXIV
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The key to unlocking Shiva’s frozen heart is hidden behind a few Quests, luckily they’re quick.

The first requirement is completion of the Main Scenario Quest “Let Us Cling Together”. It’s given by Alphinaud (Northern Thanalan, X:17 Y:18) during the Seventh Astral Era series.

Run over to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona and you’re all set.

If your next guess is that you’d be returning to The Waking Sands (Western Thanalan – Vesper Bay, X:12 Y:14) then you’d be spot on.

You can take a Ferry (Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks – Ferry Docks, X:3 Y:12) directly there, making it slightly less annoying of a trek.

Chat with Urianger (The Waking Sands, X:6 Y:5) and pick up the Quest “Drop Dead Shiva”.

In search of the ill wind blowing throughout Coerthas, namely Lady Iceheart, you’ll head off to Whitebrim.

Drillemont seeing to his duties in the Tower of Whitebrim Front / FFXIV
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Meet with Drillemont (Coerthas Central Highlands – Whitebrim Front, X:13 Y:17) on the third level of the tower.

He’ll inform you that his intentions to create an outpost were thwarted, and ask you to handle it.

Your final step is to go and speak with the Stalwart Temple Knight (Coerthas Central Highlands – Snowcloak, X:3 Y:21). Having done so, you’ll open up the Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Extreme).

Now go forth and farm for your icy steed.


Just Sitting There Collecting Diamond Dust

A Dragoon wielding Shiva’s Diamond Spear / FFXIV
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As you farm for your chilly pony, you’ll also accumulate a few things as separate prizes.

The following can drop from Shiva in the Akh Afa Amphitheatre (Extreme):

  • The Shiva Triple Triad Card
  • Diamond Dust (guaranteed one per clear)
  • Ice Tear, used in a level 50 Goldsmith recipe to create the Ice Chandelier furnishing
  • Diamond Tear, used in a level 50 Goldsmith recipe to create the Diamond Chandelier furnishing
  • Boreas Whistle, the Mount
  • Faded Copy of Footsteps in the Snow, used to create an Orchestrion Roll
  • Faded Copy of Oblivion used to create an Orchestrion Roll
  • True Ice Accessories, while not useful as equipment, can be desynthesized for materials
  • True Ice Weapons, while not useful as equipment, can be desynthesized or exchanged

The special note here is that the Diamond Dust, while seemingly useless, are actually a token used to upgrade True Ice weapons.

True Ice weapons (as pictured above) can make for some pretty cool glamour.

For 5 Diamond Dusts and the relevant weapon, Aelina (Mor Dhona – Revenant’s Toll, X:23 Y:7) will exchange them for a Shiva’s Diamond version.

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