FFXIV: How To Get The Byakko Cub Minion

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The Byakko Cub Minion is obtained primarily through crafting. Being first added in Patch 4.2 of the Stormblood expansion, this minion is a Level 70 three star Master Weaver recipe. But you’ll need a few things before you can craft your very own Byakko Cub.

First, you’ll need a Level 70 Weaver (obviously).

Secondly, you’ll need the Master Weaver VI Recipe Book. This can be obtained from a number of Vendors, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll grab it from the Scrip Exchange.

The Scrip Exchange (Rhalgr’s Reach – Starfall, X:10 Y:12) will sell it to you for a mere 100 White Crafter Scrips. Pop the Book from your inventory to acquire all of its recipes. They’ll be located under Master Recipe (6) in the second tab of your Crafting Log.

The recipe tree and raw materials list for the Byakko Cub Minion / Final Fantasy XIV
The recipe tree and raw materials list for the Byakko Cub Minion.

Next, you’ll need to gather up all the materials that make up your future Minion. The reason you’re grabbing your Master Weaver VI Book here is because it makes the first two materials right next to you.


Byakko Cub Materials & Acquisition

  • Twinsilk x1 – This can be purchased from the nearby Material Supplier (Rhalgr’s Reach – Starfall, X:10 Y:12) for 4,556 Gil.
  • Worsted Yarn x1 – The same Vendor will sell this material for 2,442 Gil.
  • Royal Fern x1 – This material can unfortunately only be obtained through crossbreeding. You’ll have to roll up your sleeves and get into your garden.

You’ll need two types of seeds to get Royal Fern Sori: Blood Pepper Seeds and Old World Fig Seeds.

  • Blood Pepper Seeds are yet another crossbreed, so we’ll need to get those first by breeding Glazenut and Chive Seeds.
    • Crossbreed Prickly Pineapple (Harvest at 9 AM Eorzean Time in Costa Del Sol, Slot 1) and Old World Fig (Harvest in the Dravanian Forelands at 2 AM/PM ET).
      • Crossbreed Dzemael Tomato (Harvest in Eastern La Noscea at 1 PM ET) with Midland Cabbage (Harvest in North Shroud, any time) to get Dalamud Popotos. Then Crossbreed Dalamud Popotos and Dzemael Tomato to get your Chive Seeds.
Byakko awaits your challenge inside The Jade Stoa / FFXIV
Byakko awaits your challenge inside The Jade Stoa.
  • Byakko’s Mane x1 – This material is only obtainable in two ways, and both will require you to challenge Byakko himself inside “The Jade Stoa (Extreme)”. It is obtained rarely as a drop from the coffer that appears after defeating Byakko, or through Desynthesis.
    • Every weapon and weapon coffer gives you extra chances per clear to get a Byakko’s Mane. Try to win those loot rolls and take apart any weapons that drop.
Dodging Byakko’s lightning orbs as you plummet through a vortex / Final Fantasy XIV
Dodging Byakko’s lightning orbs as you plummet through a vortex.

The Jade Stoa (Extreme) was added back in Patch 4.2 of the Stormblood Expansion. It is unlocked through the Quest “Songs in the Key of Kugane” by speaking with the Wandering Minstrel (Kugane – Kogane Dori Marketplace, X:12 Y:13).

While the fight isn’t as challenging as it once was, you will at least want to bring a few friends along to expedite the farm.

You could solo it on a Tank, but it’ll take you ten times longer to do so. I know because I did it for research purposes – don’t be like me.

Byakko’s Enspirited Greatsword, a Master Blacksmith Craft / FFXIV
Byakko’s Enspirited Greatsword, a Master Blacksmith Craft.

If you find yourself with some extra Byakko’s Manes after all that farming, great news. You can turn these into a bunch of fancy weaponry! They also sell relatively well on the market due to their special particle effects.

That is, if you have motivations beyond getting that precious Byakko Cub Minion.

Should you be averse to farming, you can also obtain this Minion randomly in loot boxes from Bozja and Zadnor. Those are the Shadowbringers Relic Weapon Zones, and they can contain a whole host of random Minions.

It’s not quite as straightforward, but it does save you from gardening.

Whichever method you decide to go with, best of luck!

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