How To Get The Calamari Minion in FFXIV

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The wriggly Calamari Minion is obtained as a rare drop from the Dungeon “Hullbreaker Isle (Hard)”. Added back in Patch 3.3 of the Heavensward Expansion, this is a side dungeon that you won’t encounter during the Main Scenario.

But to unlock Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) for your Calamari Minion, you’ll need to do a few things. Firstly, you’ll need to have completed the Level 50 Main Scenario Quest “The Ultimate Weapon”.

Secondly, you’ll need to have beaten the normal version of Hullbreaker Isle. If that needs unlocking, seek out Bloezoeng (Mor Dhona – The Seventh Heaven, X:22 Y:9) to grab the Quest “King of the Hull”. It’s also Level 50, and can be completed rather quickly if you just unsync the Dungeon. Watch out for bear traps.

The newly repurposed Hullbreaker Isle / FFXIV
The newly repurposed Hullbreaker Isle

And finally, you’ll need to grab the Quest “Storming the Hull” from Denston (Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks – The Drowning Wench, X:11 Y:10) at Level 60. The Hullbreaker Isle has recently been repurposed by Maelstrom Command to function as a sort of training ground.

And they’d love to sharpen their skills against none other than the legendary Warrior of Light.

Grab some friends to make things a bit quicker or pop yourself into Party Finder. You’ll likely need to complete this dungeon a number of times to lay claim to the Calamari Minion.


Making Your Life A Living Hull

The Sanguine Sirens, an elite battalion of Maelstrom soldiers / FFXIV
The Sanguine Sirens, an elite battalion of Maelstrom soldiers

Knowing what lies ahead will make your runs that much quicker, especially if you’re never ran this Dungeon.

While not particularly hard, some of the mechanics can trip Parties up.

But not yours, because you’ll know how to handle everything ahead of time!


The Sanguine Sirens

Note: This is less a Boss and more just a series of Adds

  • Lodeswoman – Will fire long targeted line AOEs. simply step aside to avoid damage
  • Cannons – large circular AOEs will appear around the arena at random. Try to keep moving to avoid their blasts.
  • Battle Coeurl – Will spawn and tether to your Healer, giving them a debuff and inflicting persistent damage. Should be killed as soon as possible!
The Ymir in FFXIV
The Ymir in FFXIV (it was your first major foe in Final Fantasy VI)


  • Blanket Thunder – A wide AOE dealing moderate damage to two Players. Make sure to spread out as stacking these can kill you. This will also cause a Tether to spawn between the other two Players, which must be snapped by running apart.
  • Slime Puddle – Several puddles will appear inside the arena. You’ll be fettered to these whenever you step in them. They’re used to avoid damage from the Megavolt attack.
  • Megavolt – Marks either 2, 3, or 4 Players with an orange circle. After a delay a large AOE will go off centered around the marked Players, killing anyone who stacks. Slime Puddles will negate this damage.
  • Flash Freeze – Freezes the ground of the arena, causing your Character to slide a long distance in whichever direction you move.
  • Iceberg – Marks you with an icicle above your head, and drops a rock wherever you are standing when the cast ends. Will then cause a massive explosion from wherever the rock was placed. Stack these on one side of the arena and slide to the opposite edge while they explode.
The defeated once-mighty Pirate Lord Mistbeard / FFXIV
The defeated once-mighty Pirate Lord Mistbeard

Slafyrsyn and the Pirate Lord Mistbeard

Note: this fight consists of two phases.

  • Maelstrike – A room-wide AOE dealing moderate damage. Mitigate and heal as necessary.
  • Ghomoro Splitter – A large number of Fire puddles will appear inside the arena. Simply step out of them to avoid damage.
  • Poison Mist – Eight Treasure Chests will appear around the arena, with four containing bombs and four containing antidotes. Everyone will be inflicted with a heavy Poison DoT. Cleanse this by remembering which chest contains an antidote!
  • Bullet Hell – A heavy room-wide AOE. Will likely kill any Player that didn’t remove their Poison. Will definitely kill a Player who opened a bomb chest.
  • Grenado Shot – Will mark a Player and inflict a Heavy debuff, slowing their movement speed. This needs to be Esuna’d, or that Player will likely be killed by the follow-up AOE explosion.
  • Firesand Kegs – Several Firesand Kegs will spawn in the arena, which can be knocked in the direction you’re facing by attacking them. After a delay, Mistbeard will shoot a Keg causing it and any others caught in the explosion to chain detonate. Simply knock them all to one side of the arena.

Once you’re able to clear the dungeon, well, there you have it.

You’ll be standing over the once-proud Mistbeard and can lay claim to the final Treasure Coffer. Hopefully it contains your Calamari Minion.

If not, you’ll simply need to grind out Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) until RNG smiles upon you.

Best of luck!

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