How To Get The Centurio Tiger Mount in FFXIV

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The fierce Centurio Tiger Mount is obtained as a reward for the Achievement “You Got Game”.

The Achievement itself is a combination of two others: “Bring Your A Game V” and “Bring Your S Game V”. This is quite a daunting task.

The requirements will have you slaying beasts that only spawn rarely, under very specific conditions.

You’ll need to slay 2,000 S Rank and 3,000 A Rank Hunts in total. I know, I know.

A Rank Hunts spawn in every zone roughly every 4 to 6 hours. Often the weaker Elite Hunts (such as those in previous Expansions) are immediately poached.

The later Hunts require a larger Group to defeat, especially if they’re current level.

It’s likely that during your early adventuring days in Eorzea you were murdered by one.

All Zones in ARR contain one A or S Rank Elite Mark.

Zones in every Expansion contain two A Ranks and one S Rank.


A Hunter And Its Prey

The Elite Mark Ovjang in the wilds of Blackbrush / FFXIV
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Since all Hunts aside from B Ranks have spawn timers, it’s a long haul towards your Tiger.

Rank A Hunts have no special requirements – they simply need to be scouted and defeated.

S Rank Hunts are where you’re going to have to put in a bit of legwork.

Several special conditions exist, like discarding an item in a Zone or eating food.

Here’s a brief list of just some of the triggers to call your S Rank Marks:



Mark Zone Trigger Respawn Timer
Croque-Mitaine Middle La Noscea Mine Grade 3 La Noscean Topsoil 65-75hrs.
Bonnacon Western La Noscea Harvest La Noscean Leeks 65-75hrs.
Nandi Upper La Noscea Traverse the Zone with a Minion 47-53hrs.
Brontes Central Thanalan Consume food in the Zone 66-78hrs.
Wulgaru East Shroud Initiate Battlecraft Leves 66-78hrs.
Safat Coerthas Highlands Have Critical HP in the Zone 60-84hrs.
Agrippa, the Mighty Mor Dhona Complete Treasure Maps 60-84hrs.


Mark Zone Trigger Respawn Timer
Tyger Lakeland Discard “Rail Tenderloin” in the Zone 84-132hrs.
Aglaope Il Mheg Traverse the Zone with the “Scarlet Peacock” Minion 84-132hrs.
Forgiven Pedantry Kholusia Gather 50 “Dwarven Cotton Bolls” 84-132hrs.
Tarchia Amh Araeng Cast “Self Destruct” on spawn points 84-132hrs.
Ixtab Rak’tika Greatwood Kill 100 each of Ronkan Dolls, Thorns & Vessels 84-132hrs.
Gunitt The Tempest Drag 3 Deep Sea Leeches into a Clionid’s AOE 84-132hrs.

As you can see, there’s a huge variety in triggering S Rank spawns.

This just gives you a slight idea of how much work you may need to put into getting your Centurio Tiger.

And one final note is that many Servers have dedicated Hunt Linkshells.

Joining one (or many) of these can help you get a leg up on Marks as they spawn.


Spoils Of The Hunt

Ardolain of clan centurio eagerly awaits you in The Forgotten Knight / FFXIV
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As you begin regularly hunting to work towards your ferocious feline, you’ll amass many other rewards. Namely Allied & Centurio Seals, Sacks of Nuts, and Tomestones.

These are a great way to passively cap Tomestones without doing dungeons, by the way.

Allied Seals are exchanged with the Hunt Billmaster, located at your primary grand Company. You can obtain the following from them:

  • Ventures
  • Aetheryte Tickets
  • Relic Materials
  • Crafting Materials
  • Seeds
  • Minions
  • Riding Maps (Increases mount speed in a particular Zone)
  • Glamour Equipment

Centurio Seals can be exchanged in multiple locations: Satsuya & Estrild (Kugane – Pier #2, X:10 Y:10), Ardolain (Foundation – The Forgotten Knight, X:13 Y:12), and Leuekin & Billebaut (Rhalgr’s Reach, X:13 Y:12).

Their inventories contain:

  • Grade VI Materia
  • Minions
  • Orchestrion Rolls
  • Riding Maps (Both Heavensward and Stormblood Zones)
  • Glamour Equipment
The Forgiven Reticence prowls Rhalgr’s Reach / FFXIV
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The curiously-named Sacks of Nuts are obtained from Shadowbringer’s Marks specifically.

They’re exchanged with Xylle (The Crystarium – Temenos Rookery, X:9 Y:9) for the following:

  • Minions
  • Outdoor Furnishings
  • Orchestrion Rolls
  • Grade VII & VIII Materia
  • Gear upgrade tokens (in lieu of Raids)
  • Mounts (Forgiven Reticence)
  • Glamour Equipment

Overall, you can see that pursuing the Centurio Tiger Mount is a rewarding experience.

Even if it will take you a while to catch this particular tiger by the toe.

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