How To Get The Cerberpup Minion in FFXIV

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The Cerberpup Minion can be purchased for 1,200 Skybuilders’ Scrips. Enie (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:12 Y:14) is the resident Vendor of The Firmament, and offers this minion for sale.

Skybuilders’ Scrips are rewarded for Expert Collectible Crafts, Diadem Gathering Appraisals, and Skyrise Celebration Fêtes. These activities are exclusive to Crafting and Gathering.

The good news is that the activities are available to you at Level 10, and offer huge amounts of experience.

This means you’ll be able to grind up all your Disciples of the Hand and Land while working towards your Cerberpup Minion.

The Firmament is the result of a series of Crafting Events designed to rebuild the destroyed residences in Ishgard. It took place in four phases during the Shadowbringers Expansion.

In order to get the Skybuilders’ Scrips required for your Minion, you’ll need to put in a little work.


High In The Skyscrips

Different Level Collectibles reward varying amounts of Skyscrips. / FFXIV
Different Level Collectibles reward varying amounts of Skyscrips.

Crafters will need to turn in certain items with a base Collectibility in order to receive rewards.

Each Crafter under Special Recipes will have a subset called “Ishgard Restoration

“Restoration (4)” is the specific set of items you’ll need to create.

You’ll have six recipes here for each Crafter, at Levels 20, 40, 60, 70, 80, and 4-star 80.

The final Recipe, which also offers the most Scrips, is called an Expert Recipe.

Expert Recipes have steep Collectibility requirements and special Crafting mechanics. In place of Excellent and Poor conditions, they’re replaced by these five:

  • Centered – Increases Action success rate by 25%.
  • Sturdy – Reduces Durability Loss by 50%, stacks with Actions such as “Waste Not”.
  • Pliant – Reduces the CP Cost of an Ability by 50%.
  • Malleable – Increases Actions that affect Progress by 150%. This Effect also acts multiplicatively, use this cautiously.
  • Primed – Next Action you use that causes a Buff, like “Innovation”, lasts an additional two steps. (Innovation would last seven steps instead of five.)

You use these Special Conditions to achieve the highest possible Collectability Rating. Doing so will massively increase your returns.

The rewards for an Expert Craft are:

Collectability Skybuilders’ Scrips
1,100 – 1,199 66 Scrips
1,200 – 1,399 72 Scrips
1,400 + 80 Scrips

The Crafts of a lower difficulty offer differing amounts of Scrips and Experience, but are great for Leveling.

In some instances, it may be better to just make a ton of the easier Crafts. This is just due to speed and simplicity, even if repetitive.

Level Collectability Skybuilders’ Scrips
20 50 – 105 3 – 5 Scrips
40 90 – 300 7 – 9 Scrips
60 260 – 580 11 – 15 Scrips
70 380 – 900 18 – 22 Scrips
80 500 – 1,000 31 – 63 Scrips

Every Ishgard Restoration Collectible uses unique Materials you can’t find outside of The Diadem.

To start Crafting, you’ll need to put on your Gathering boots. They’re also available on the Marketboard, though that can end up costing quite a bit of Gil.

Breaking rocks in the hot sun of the Sea of Clouds. / FFXIV
Breaking rocks in the hot sun of the Sea of Clouds.

Gathering in the Diadem is much more straightforward than Expert Crafting.

You’ll simply fly around the Sea of Clouds, grabbing Materials where you’re able.

All turn-ins for Gathering take place at Flotpassant (The Firmament – Mendicant’s Court, X:11 Y:14). He’ll only accept resources in stacks of five.

The rewards are:

Item Level Skybuilders’ Scrips
20 1 Scrip
60 2 Scrips
80 3 Scrips
80 Umbral 5 Scrips

After Appraising these Items, they’ll be converted to Materials you can use for Firmament Crafts. It’s a great way to level XP and get to your Cerberpup that much faster.

Fishing rewards a different amount depending on the type of Fish you catch. It also gives Scrips for each fish.

The fish, after being Appraised, can be Desynthesized into Crafting Materials as well.

Item Level Skybuilders’ Scrips
10 2 – 4 Scrips
60 4 – 10 Scrips
80 3 – 124 Scrips
80 Artisanal 45 – 153 Scrips

The Umbral and Artisanal Gathering items can only be acquired during certain weather in The Diadem. The weather conditions occur every 20 minutes, and they’ll offer the most Scrips per turn-in.


Embracing Your Fête

The resident Fête coordinator of The Firmament. / FFXIV
The resident Fête coordinator of The Firmament.

Fêtes are special events that take place in The Firmament.

These events occur on a strict schedule, 12 times over the course of 24 hours.

Fête Presents, which are rewards from completing the Events, also have a chance to drop the Cerberpup. Though this isn’t the most direct method so it isn’t quite as reliable.

Not only that, but each one you complete will also reward you with 100 Skybuilders’ Scrips. That can cut down on your Crafting and Gathering considerably!

You can check when the next Event will begin by checking your Duty List inside The Firmament.

It should also be noted that these Events require either a Disciple of the Hand or Land. The good news is that there’s no level requirement, and they give massive amounts of experience.

The presents themselves can contain a huge amount of rewards, so they’re worth completing any time they pop up. Items such as:

  • Mounts (Antelope Stag)
  • Glamour (Peacemaker, Craftsman’s, Skyworker’s)
  • Minions (Such as your Cerberpup)
  • Chocobo Bardings (ARR & Heavensward)
  • Hairstyles (Controlled Chaos, Modern Legend, Saintly Style)
  • Orchestrion Rolls (ARR & Heavensward)
  • Parasols (Checkered, Pastoral, Sky Blue, Black, Cheerful Checkered)
  • Dyes (All specialty Generic Premium)
  • Furnishings (Pluishes, Portraits, Balloons)
  • Emotes (Winsome Wallflower, Concealing Meals, Emphatic Elucidation, Intelligent Impressions)

No matter what you unwrap, it’s certainly worth completing these events.

If only because they get you that much closer to your Cerberpup! The expensive hairstyles and emotes are pretty solid, though.

The Cerberpup minion in Sohm Al / FFXIV
The Cerberpup frolics in the fiery depths of Sohm Al
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