How To Get The Conditional Virtue Minion in FFXIV

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The Conditional Virtue Minion is acquired as a rare drop from the Baldesion Arsenal Duty. Specifically, it has a chance to be in the Coffer you open after defeating Absolute Virtue.

The Baldesion Arsenal is a Duty within a Duty. It’s a large-scale Dungeon inside of The Forbidden Land: Eureka Hydatos.

It accommodates a whopping 56 Players, and is one of the more difficult pieces of content in all of FFXIV.

The Dungeon itself is filled with traps and unique bosses. Additionally it requires special conditions to even appear, though many of the rewards are absolutely worth it.

Usually runs of this particular Dungeon are coordinated by Groups. This is due to a few different things:

  • Death inside of the Baldesion Arsenal is permanent, unless you are revived inside the Duty. Dying and being expelled will decrease your Elemental Level.
  • Healers do not have access to their Raise spells outside of Combat.
  • Several special Eurekan Actions are required to progress through the Duty, such as the ability to scout for Traps.
  • Some Bosses have special coordinated mechanics. Absolute Virtue in particular requires completion of a special FATE outside the Dungeon itself.

All these combined with several other factors make this quite an undertaking. You’re probably starting to see why the Conditional Virtue Minion is a bit of a doozy to acquire.


The Keys To The Arsenal

The Baldesion Arsenal of Eureka Hydatos looms in the distance / Final Fantasy XIV
The Baldesion Arsenal of Eureka Hydatos looms in the distance.

First and foremost, you’ll need to have access to Eureka.

This means you’ll need to pick up the following main four Quests:

  • And We Shall Call It Eureka (Galiena – Rhalgr’s Reach – Chakra Falls, X:10 Y:12)
  • And We Shall Call It Pagos (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)
  • And We Shall Call It Pyros (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)
  • And We Shall Call It Hydatos (Rodney – Kugane – Pier #1, X:9 Y:14)

These Quests will be available in succession as you progress through the various Eurekan Zones. They’ll all require you to complete the relevant Questlines inside as well.

Tip: While you don’t actually need to finish your Relic Weapon or purchase your Relic Armor Set, it’s a pretty good idea. This is due to the nature of Eureka itself, and the Baldesion Arsenal later.

Everything inside of Eureka operates on the old Elemental Weakness system from classical RPGs, FFXI in particular. Your final Relic weapon and armor have an extra stat on them called “Elemental Bonus”.

That bonus means that you’ll both deal more damage and receive less while inside Eureka. That includes the Baldesion Arsenal. Which is huge because it makes you that much more likely to survive should you make a mistake.

Entirely optional, though highly encouraged!

Once you’ve made your way to Eureka Hydatos, you’ll need to reach Elemental Level 60 and finish up the Quests there. After all of this, you’re ready to try and begin your hunt for the elusive Conditional Virtue Minion.

The Notorious Monster Ovni stands between you and the entrance to the Arsenal / Final Fantasy XIV
The Notorious Monster Ovni stands between you and the entrance to the Arsenal.

Once inside Eureka, the only way to access the Baldesion Arsenal is by defeating Ovni. The Notorious Monster will spawn every 15 to 20 minutes in the zone, if there are enough Level 60 Players inside.

From there, you’ll need to defeat it, and you’ll be granted the buff “Aetherically Charged”. This grants you access to any one of 48 Portals which will spawn after Ovni’s defeat.

Entering that Portal will transport you into the Baldesion Arsenal, where you’re free to change Jobs or join Parties. From there you’ll split up and tackle the Dungeon and its Bosses.

Eventually upon reaching the second to last area, you’ll need to trigger a second Event called “The Baldesion Arsenal: Expedition Support”.

This is important because it enables you to actually defeat the Absolute Virtue, and lay claim to the Coffer behind it.

The Ozma Mount, rewarded for conquering the Baldesion Arsenal / Final Fantasy XIV
The Ozma Mount, rewarded for conquering the Baldesion Arsenal.

That Coffer is the one that has a rare chance of containing the Conditional Virtue Minion.

It’s a lot of work for one of the rarest Minions in the game, but this is also one of the neatest out there. Especially if you’re a big fan of Final Fantasy XI.

Tip: Be sure to prepare yourself by reading up on the Fights inside the Duty, as they’re quite tough. Especially since you’ve got limited time and chances to succeed.

Completion of the Baldesion Arsenal also rewards you with the amazing Ozma Mount. So it’s certainly worth your time.

Best of luck in this very long grind!

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