How To Get The Disembodied Head Mount (FFXIV Guide)

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The Disembodied Head Mount can be obtained for 10 Gelmorran Potsherd from E-Una-Kotor (South Shroud – Quarrymill, X:25 Y:21). Gelmorran Potsherd are found inside The Palace of the Dead in either Bronze Chests, or from clearing Floor 50.

Bronze Chests have a very low chance of dropping them. They also are randomly distributed, meaning you can’t roll for it.

So the only reliable way to farm Potsherds is repeatedly clearing Floor 50.

As you may be able to discern, this makes the Mount quite a grind to get.

Luckily, Palace of the Dead is a great way to level up Jobs to 60. Beyond 60 the Experience drops significantly, though.

If you’ve got sights set on any of the Palace’s other treasures though, the Mount should come naturally.


The Keys To The Palace

Nojiro Marujiro loitering in the Carline Canopy / FFXIV
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To begin your (repeated) descent into the Palace of the Dead, you’ll need to have done a few things.

First, you’ll need to have completed the Main Scenario Quest “Into a Copper Hell”.

This is an early Quest that requires you to complete the Copperbell Mines dungeon. Once that’s out of the way, seek out Nojiro Marujiro (New Gridania – Carline Canopy, X:12 Y:13).

Nojiro will divulge some menacing rumors about Quarrymill making the rounds.

Head there and speak with the Wood Wailer Expeditionary Captain. You’re now all set to begin your Potsherd Grind.

The second series of Quests become available once you’ve defeated Edda on Floor 50.

Simply speak with the Expeditionary Captain again to accept “What Lies Beneath”.

Floors 51-100 are slightly more challenging, but easily manageable with a Matched Party.

On Floor 100, you’ll face Nybeth Obdilord of Tactics Ogre fame.

Provided you’ve done every Quest involving Edda, you can finish that series as well. Those quests are:

  • It’s Probably Pirates
  • Fire In The Gloom
  • Into A Copper Hell
  • Corpse Groom

The final sad note in Edda’s tale brings a bit of closure.

Speak to Balan (South Shroud – Upper Paths, X:25 Y:21) to accept “The Nightmare’s End”.

With this, you’ll resolve the tragic tale of a novice’s adventure gone awry.


Potsherd Is The Word

E-Una-Kotor, suspiciously greedy for a legendary Padjal / FFXIV
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Depending on your patience, there are several treasures to be swapped for you Potsherds.

E-Una-Kotor sells not only the Mount you’re looking for – but also several other nifty items.

Here’s a list:

Item Type Cost
Sustaining Potion (20) Medicine 1 Potsherd
Grade V Materia Materia 1 Potsherd
Wind-up Sasquatch Minion 3 Potsherd
Hecteye Minion 3 Potsherd
Disembodied Head Mount 10 Potsherd
Blasphemous Experiment Orchestrion 1 Potsherd
Fog of Phantom Orchestrion 5 Potsherd
Notice of Death Orchestrion 10 Potsherd

E-Una -Kotor only sells the final Orchestrion after you’ve completed Floor 200 of Palace of the Dead.

In addition, he will sell you special Accessories, the Glass Pumpkin and Fireseal. More nods to Tactics Ogre, but just glamour items.

Best of luck with your dungeon-delving!

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