How To Get The Dolphin Calf Minion in FFXIV

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The Dolphin Calf Minion is obtained as a reward for the in-game Achievement “Double-backwards Somersault”. This Achievement, added in Patch 5.5 of the Shadowbringers Expansion, is available only through Ocean Fishing. Specifically it requires you to encounter three dolphin pods while on The Endeavor.

There are seven different routes available in Ocean Fishing:

  • The Bloodbrine Sea
  • The Ciedalaes
  • The Galadian Bay
  • The Rhotano Sea
  • The Rothlyt Sound
  • The Southern Merithor
  • The Northern Merithor

Different routes will occur at different times throughout the day – and some are longer than others.

You can speak with Dryskthota (The Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks – Ferry Pier, X:3 Y:13) to check the times and which route will be occurring.

You can even set an in-game alarm for yourself to remind you that the Endeavor will be departing soon!


Ocean Fishing for Dolphin Pods

The only requirements to unlock Ocean Fishing are a very short Quest.

Fhilsnoe (The Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, X:8 Y:15) offers “All the Fish in the Sea” at Level 1. Simply chat with him and then head to the ferry docks to complete it.

Preparing to depart Limsa Lominsa on The Endeavor / Final Fantasy XIV
Preparing to depart Limsa Lominsa on The Endeavor.

The unfortunate part is that encountering three dolphin pods is entirely random.

You’re always guaranteed to see at least one during your fishing expedition, but three is quite rare.

You’ll likely be spending quite a lot of time Ocean Fishing, but the plus is that you unlock it at Level one. Not only that, but it offers huge amounts of Experience Points as well as White and Purple Gatherers’ Scrips.

You’re practically guaranteed to go up a few levels every time you leave port!

Keep going on the expeditions as they become available.

Eventually RNG will smile upon you – and you’ll be the proud owner of the Dolphin Calf Minion.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t other things that may be worth working towards!


Other Ocean Fishing Goodies

The monstrous Hybodus Mount. Just one of many excellent rewards from Ocean Fishing / FFXIV
The monstrous Hybodus Mount. Just one of many excellent rewards from Ocean Fishing.

Score enough on a single trip and you’ll unlock the Achievement “No More Fish in the Sea II”. This rewards you with the Hybodus Mount, pictured above.

In addition to this amazing Mount, two other Minions in addition to the Dolphin Calf are available.

The Much-coveted More will unlock when you accumulate 1,000,000 points during your Ocean Fishing Expeditions, unlocking the “On a Boat IV” Achievement.

The Major General, while cute, has taken to become a land weller - frightening even the most stalwart fishermen / Final Fantasy XIV
The Major General, while cute, has taken to become a land weller – frightening even the most stalwart fishermen.

And the Major General Minion, a perfect accompaniment to your Dolphin Calf, is a bit easier to acquire. You’ll simply need to amass a minimum score of 5,000 during your voyage. This unlocks the “No More Fish in the Sea I” Achievement, and the Minion.

So spending some time out in the vast oceans of Eorzea can be quite the rewarding experience.

And the longer you spend going after the Dolphin Calf Minion, the better.

Best of luck on your fishing trip!

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