How To Get The Dwarf Rabbit Minion in FFXIV

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The Dwarf Rabbit Minion in FFXIV is obtained primarily as reward from The Aquapolis. The Aquapolis, added in Patch 3.3 of the Heavensward Expansion, is a sort of mini Dungeon.

Interestingly, The Aquapolis itself was long thought to be a myth. A story passed down in the pubs of Eorzea told tales of a certain master thief. During their long and illustrious career amassed a vast amount of treasures and wealth.

Luckily for you they indeed did exist – and filled the Aquapolis with all of their valuables.

It can only be accessed by deciphering a Timeworn Dragonskin Map and opening the coffer it spawns.

After defeating all the monsters that spawn, unlocking the coffer has a chance to spawn a Portal which leads you and your party into The Aquapolis.

Note: It is recommended you take at least a Light Party with you. This is because The Aquapolis is a synced instance. So while you can demolish any monsters outside of it that spawn with relative ease, that isn’t the case inside.

Further still, you’ll likely need to reach the depths of the Aquapolis to have a good shot at finding your Dwarf Rabbit Minion. It’s relatively rare, and only the deeper rooms have a chance to reward you with one.


Grinding The Aquapolis

The Aquapolis, deep beneath the Ishgardian land of Dravania / FFXIV
The Aquapolis, deep beneath the Ishgardian land of Dravania.

Each successive room and treasure chest inside The Aquapolis are armed with traps.

Whenever you attempt to open a coffer, several waves of enemies will spawn. Upon defeating all the beasts inside the three cages, you can claim your reward.

You’ll also obtain a Vault Key. This will allow you to open one of two doors in the room, either left or right. Only one of them will lead to the next chamber (and of course more loot).

The deeper you delve, the more likely it is that some dangerous beasts will spawn.

Specifically the Arges.

This massive Cyclops is a good thing to watch out for, as he’ll constantly do large swiping AOEs that can demolish your party quickly.

If you don’t deal with it fast enough, he can put a stop to your treasure hunting days in no time. And if you die in The Aquapolis you lose out on your shot at all the loot inside.

The Autumnal Ginkgo Tree - found exclusively in Timeworn Dragonskin Maps and The Aquapolis / Final Fantasy XIV
The Autumnal Ginkgo Tree – found exclusively in Timeworn Dragonskin Maps and The Aquapolis.

Of course, with each room you clear you not only have a shot at the Dwarf Rabbit Minion, but also tons of other goodies.

You’ll always receive a set amount of Gil per room – 149,500g total in addition to Poetic Tomestones.

You can even get yourself some nice trees, like the Autumnal Ginkgo pictured above.

Several other Minions make an appearance inside the coffers as well, so you may come away with some consolation prizes. But mostly just junk Materia and odd bits of Flannel.


Alternate Ways To Get Your Dwarf Rabbit

The Grand Company Seal Exchange at Immortal Flame Headquarters / FFXIV
The Grand Company Seal Exchange at Immortal Flame Headquarters.

If you’re not in the mood for spelunking in Dungeons, you do have some other options.

These are relatively indirect, but do offer you a shot at the Dwarf Rabbit Minion. They are:

  • Material Container 3.0 – Available at any Grand Company Seal Exchange, so long as you belong to that Company.
  • Fete Presents – Rewards for completing Fete Events inside The Firmament of Ishgard. They occur once every couple days at different times for different Servers.
  • Silver-haloed Sacks – Available from Floors 1 – 30 of Heaven on High Accursed Hoard Chests.

All of these can contain the Dwarf Rabbit, but it’s relatively unlikely.

That’s just due to the huge amount of other rewards occupying their loot tables. But they’re all a great way to passively get Minions you may be missing.

Whichever method you go with, hopefully you find your tiny bunny sooner rather than later.

Best of luck!

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