FFXIV Guide: How To Get The Flying Chair Mount

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The Flying Chair Mount in FFXIV is obtained through Crafting. It’s a level 70 two-star Recipe under Alchemist, requiring the Master Alchemist V Tome.

Added in Patch 4.1, the Tome can currently be purchased from the Scrip Exchange (Rhalgr’s Reach – Chakra Falls, X:10 Y:13) for 300 Yellow Scrips.

Scrips are of course obtained by turning in Collectibles in various cities, or by doing weekly quests.

Luckily, the 300 Scrips you need here are the second easiest piece to acquire in your quest for your Flying Chair. The first easiest being the actual chair you’ll be enchanting, as it’s available from a Vendor.


Assembling Your Flying Furniture

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Gathering all the ingredients to make a chair levitate is slightly more labor intensive than you would think.

The Flying Chair Crafting Recipe itself breaks down like so:


1 x Riviera Armchair (Level 42 Weaver Recipe)

5x Lightning Shards

5x Wind Shards

2x Undyed Woolen Cloth (Level 39 Weaver Recipe)

  • 2 Woolen Yarn

2x Woolen Yarn (Level 38 Weaver Recipe)

2x Apkallu Down (Apkallu – Eastern La Noscea, X:27 Y:36)

1x Walnut Lumber (Level 25 Carpenter Recipe, Ixali Beast Vendor)

  • 3 Walnut Log (Level 25 Botanist – South Shroud X:23 Y:21)

1x Steel Plate (Level 27 Armorer Recipe)

  • 2 Steel Ingot (Level 26 Armorer Recipe, Amalj’aa Beast Vendor)
    • 2 Iron Ore (Level 15 Miner – Western Thanalan, X:27 Y:17)
    • Bomb Ash (Bomb enemies, various locations)

This Furnishing, while craftable, is also readily available at any personal Housing Merchant (chairs, beds) should you have them placed in your Estate for 5,000 Gil.


8 x Cloudsbreath

  • Obtained via Submersible Voyages
  • Obtained via Gardening (Seeds obtained from Airship Voyages or Intercrossing.)

The fistful of Cloudsbreath that you need to make your chair hover is the tricky piece of the recipe.

It isn’t readily available from Vendors or in the field, so you’ll need to roll up your sleeves.

The best method of obtaining Cloudsbreath directly is from Submersible Voyages.

These require a Free Company Workshop, and a sufficiently leveled vessel. From there you can send it out to the following Zones to obtain Cloudsbreath:

South Isle of Zozonan (Rank 50) 3-12 Cloudsbreath
Tangaroa’s Beacon (Rank 78) 3 Cloudsbreath
The Isle of Sacrament (Rank 70) 1-3 Cloudsbreath

Similarly, you can send a Free Company Airship on Voyages to obtain Cloudsbreath Seeds in the following Sectors:

Sea of Clouds – Sector 17 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 18 (Rank 50) 1-3 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 19 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 20 (Rank 50) 1-2 Cloudsbreath Seeds
Sea of Clouds – Sector 21 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed
Sea of Clouds – Sector 24 (Rank 50) 1 Cloudsbreath Seed

Note that obtaining these items from Voyages is dependent on both your vessel’s stats and good old-fashioned RNG.

Tending the Shirogane gardens / FFXIV
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If you happen to find yourself the proud owner of some Cloudsbreath Seeds, you’ll need to plant and grow them.

They’ll take five full days to grow, and will yield one Cloudsbreath per plot unless using Grade 3 Shroud Soil.

Since not everyone has access to Voyages, you can also obtain Cloudsbreath Seeds from breeding specific plants.

To get these seeds through breeding, you’ll need:

  • Coerthan Tea Seeds (Coerthas Western Highlands, X:31 Y:20, 10 AM/PM Eorzean Time)
  • Dzemael Tomato Seeds (Eastern La Noscea, X:16 Y:28, 1 PM ET)

These should be planted in alternating plots with Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil (Hammerlea – Western Thanalan, X:19 Y:28, 5 AM ET) to ensure crossbreeding.

Once you’ve harvested your Cloudsbreath, you’re all set to make yourself a Flying Chair.

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